Why should I take my business online?|An online presence | Colm McGill

Why should I take my business online? | An online presence

why should I take my business online? | An online presence


Why should I take my business online?|An online presence


Why should I take my business online? Well, guys the times  are a changing. No longer can we wait for customers to walk through our doors.


Many businesses still follow this traditional approach but unfortunately are on borrowed time.

There is a significant change on the way we do business today. One only has to take a look at our daily lives.

No longer do we use cash; everything is done by card or number. No longer do we go down the street to our local travel agent to book our holiday; no longer do we go to the high street  to do our grocery shopping. Think about how we have done our Christmas shopping this year.

Yes guys, times have changed and changed quickly. Look guys, the internet has created a whole new economy; 70% of all products brought and sold are done through search.

Online Success

We only have  to look at the success stories like Amazon and eBay, if we have any doubt in my claim. These have absolutely blown the bricks and mortar business away.

Now, that is not to say that if you are a bricks and mortar business  you can’t go online. Of  course you can. That is the whole point of this post; to highlight the fact you need to gain an online presence and take your business online.

Online is Global

First and foremost when you take your businesses online you are opening your doors to the whole world; Just a click of a button away from any potential customer.

If you develop the correct online presence through the different strategies I have spoken about in my other posts, or the strategies I have highlighted in my free training.

You will start to create a solid online presence for you business; Strategies like video marketing, SEO SEM, email marketing etc.

Your business will have the perfect online shop window to drive traffic through your online presence. So you can rejuvenate your business with a much needed boost.

Online, Increases customer Support

Your company can truly engage with your customers through providing quality information and if you build that all important list you will have repeat custom for years to come.

This of course will not only ensure your future but it will allow you to expand and develop  your bricks and mortar business.

Once you build that list,  you can offer fantastic customer support all the time building your brand’s credibility and trust.

This is invaluable to any business. You are engaging with your customers or prospective customers on a regular basis.

Where you are providing information about you products and service and also providing support.

Once you go online and create that presence your business will be  operating 24/7 even while you sleep. Another thing to consider is the fact that you can manage this side of the business from anywhere and even from your phone!!.

Online Cost

Now guys, the cost in setting up a website or a blog for your business is inexpensive (i don’t like that word),If you produce the quality content that I have spoke about in my other posts.

If you apply some simple strategies and incorporate the various social platforms you can really build brand and manage your business online quite easily.

I t does not matter what type of a business your are you can create that online presence.

I know many businesses have there website created but when their asked how is it performing they are unsure of what you mean.

They believe once they have got their website created that is there online presence that’s  it.

Online Performance

Not so guys your website is your online home and it has to be set up in the correct way.

You have to ensure that it is performing within the search engines and that it drives traffic back to your business.

Getting online guys is getting easier and easier how ever the marketing online is getting more and more expensive.

But with a little help from people like me with the correct strategies you will literally open your doors to the whole world.

There is your answer to “why should I take my business online

Thank you


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