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Why do I need SEO? | An online presence

Why do i need SEO ? | An online presence

Why do I need SEO ?

Why do I need SEO? is the question everyone should ask when getting their websites developed or created.  First  what does SEO mean? it is the Acronym for Search Engine Optimization.

Search engine optimization is how a particular website gets to the top of the  search engines like Google, Bing, yahoo etc.

There are a number of factors that contribute to optimizing your site for search engine optimization.
The basic factors are discussed below under the headings of

  • Content

  • Links

  • Traffic

  • Domain Name

Why do I  need Search Engine optimization ?

Many expert say content is king and it is.It gives your blog relevance to the particular industry you are operating in.

As we all know when we type in “dog training” into Google we expect to get information on dog training not horse training.
So you see it is the basic factors that determine how well a site is optimized for the particular subject matter.

Therefore we need to produce quality content and relevant to the topic niche or industry we are speaking about.
When we are producing content we have to be mindful of keywords and headings in order to make everything relevant to the message we are getting out there.

This is a very important factor indeed, however it is better to link to business within your industry as it gives relevance and credibility to your website.

Google just wants to know that other websites within your industry like your website so they see this as an endorsement of your product and services.
This of course really helps you climb the search engines. Another thing to be mindful of when building links is that the higher the PR (page rank) of the site your are linking to the better.
Social media “likes” from Google+ and face book  for example also adds to your to popularity which also helps you climb to the summit of the search engines. This of course is the ultimate goal of your SEO strategy to be number one in a particular keyword search.

The reason is obvious as it drives free traffic your way, which in turns is a huge factor in keeping you one top.

Well at the end of the day, the whole point of SEO is to drive traffic to your site and convert the traffic into customers. This is what devolps and expands your business.

The traffic has  potential customers if you can provide them with what they need you will convert the from prospects to paying customers. That is why the Search Engines have these basic factors that our sites have to have because ultimately, when we go to a search engine like Google we want to get the answer to our questions fast.

Therefore the search engines business is to give the best results possible, that is why google brought in panda and penguin. To ensure they had a higher quality results.

Domain names
This of course is our online address, and once it had massive power, now however it has weaned somewhat.

Yet you can imagine if you are a local business it is in your interest to get your company domain names.
Look at my website I have my name .com which is important to brand  and gain a presence online with my name, as there may be others with the same name.

If you are solving problems or selling products you may be better served going with a long tail domain name. For example “how to learn guitar .com”

So with all the above factors in mind, it is now clear that we have have to get our websites or blogs optimized.

I need SEO

The reasons for SEO  guys is outlined  above: but here is a quick reminder.
There is no point having a fantastic looking website with no traffic you need that blog or website performing you need to be ranking high up on the search engine to get that traffic to your product and service.

Remember guys this is a powerful and effective way to market your business through search Engine Optimization and that is why you need it.

Why do I need SEO? It has just been answered !!!

Thank you,


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