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Web design Kerry

Are you looking for a website design in Kerry? If yes here is a great guide and also a digital marketing expert who designs website from the marketing Point of view.

I do believe every business owner who is looking for a web design service, they are not designing websites for fun, its websites as the marketing tools. The website should be the marketing and sales tool to drive business to your offline establishment.

I have consulted many businesses from the point they just want their website to the point they want to make their website drive businesses. I know the most challenge they have faced is having a website that don’t get found online…and other have got a website that have traffic but dont make sales at all. I will explain both terms here below.

Website design Kerry | Get your website get found Online

The reason I do believe a web designer must design a website from the marketing point of view is…your website has no any value if you cant make sales…and you can not make sales online if your website is not found. What do I mean here? Well, let say you are a plumber in Kerry and your website url is the; the online presence to you means someone who is searching for the services you are offering in your location, your website should show up.

For example your potential clients will be searching for terms like Kerry plumber, plumbers Kerry, Plumbers in Kerry etc…if you are not showing up for such terms…your competitors who are ranking for such keywords are getting the business and you are missing out.

Hey Colm this is SEO, not web design issue!! No I assure you for a local business when their website is done properly with all on page optimization which basically should be done with a website designer if they know about online marketing; also if the designer don’t know why you design a website, why should they take a job? That’s very important guys, invest your money in a design that will help you make money.

I have designed many local websites as you can see under our website portfolio, the number one question we ask our client is, who are your target market? Why do you need a website? What other marketing strategy you have? I have not met any client who said they need a website for show…all said they need a website to maximize sales. Other business were just starting, so the website is their sole sales tool they wanted to start with.

With that in mind, our designs reflect the clients goal, with our marketing knowledge and experience we help our clients grow their business and maximize the revenue.

Website design Kerry | I have a website and I am ranking but I don,t get clients

This is the other challenge that we have found. Many of our clients that we had to redesign and restructure their website and general online marketing strategies, had websites but they were not getting clients.

If you are in this group of those businesses that have a website designed for years but they think they do not get enough or what they should be getting, there are two ways to describe this.

  • Your website don’t rank for converting Keywords
  • Your website don’t have enough traffic that can convert into real buyers
  • Your website’s design chases away your potential buyers
  • Your website is not optimized for conversion


Website design Kerry | Ranking for Converting Keywords

Guys some business rank on the search engines like Google and Bing, but the problem is they are ranking for wrong keywords. What I mean by wrong keywords? Suppose you are a plumber in Kerry, Caherciveen area. Some of the most important keywords to rank for your business maybe Caherciveen Plumbing services, Plumber in Caherciveen and maybe some converting Keywords with location Waterville but not Tralee as we know people look for plumbers in the emergency mode, so they will ring the credible but the closest plumber as possible.

I hope that explain a bit about the wrong keywords that some businesses rank. Also others try to rank for only their business names…that’s wrong, as the one who is going to be searching by directly putting your business name knows you, and they are not the one that made you go online at a first point.

Website lacking enough traffic

If your website is having very less traffic you need to optimize in various platforms so that you can expand your reach hence the possibility of presence to the potential clients.

One of the mediums to increase your website traffic is through search engine optimization, hence your web designer should know this and make the best on their online optimization part…then advice you on doing seo.

Also the other means of getting more traffic to your website is through Social Media marketing, with a free one, your web designer should help laying out the plan and integrating your social media channels in your website.

The other means of gaining traffic is through paid marketing (here you can do pay per click through google or Facebook, you can do content marketing and other online means like Banner advertising etc)

Your website success into bringing you business depends not only on ranking, but also the nature of traffic you are getting.

Other business have thousands of visits every day, others have low as 20 or less, the point is whether you have more or less, whats your traffic like.

If the traffic is coming direct from search, then your keywords must be relevant to what you offer, if not they will leave. Also your website should be able to provide important details at the point people get in your website, like contacts (mobile preferable, email and physical address), the services page, reviews and the jobs you have done.

My point here is there is a huge benefit for your business when your website is designed by a marketing professional, as they will have to make you successful.

Your website’s design chases away your potential buyers

Have you tried to click on a certain website link but it takes so long to open? What about being on the website that has lots of flash images that make you click back? Oooh well and have you been on a website where you need to get some important pages like Contact Us, About Us but it takes time to locate? and so many other things.

Always things like that will chase your customers away. Your web designer should never make a mistake on them, hence the design should be:

  • Fast to load
  • Easy to navigate
  • Clear layout
  • Easy to Contact you
  • Have third party endorsements
  • Service page and a CALL to ACTION


Your website is not Optimized for Conversion

No matter how much traffic you can attract to your website, if your website is not optimized for conversion you will always convert very small fraction. Your web designer should know what converts and what doesnt. Is it a pretty looks of your website? Is it the amount of posts you have? Is it that huge Icon on your website written Request a Quote?

Some of the most important factors for conversion are:

  • Credibility Statement
  • Justification of what you offer
  • Third part Endorsements
  • Clear design and easy navigation
  • Important Information First (Service Page, Contact Us, About Us)
  • Mobile responsive design, etc

Here below I will just highlight some few design and conversion issues from one of our client

Our Website design Kerry

Web design Kerry

If you look closely you will see that at the top of the Menu Bar you will find the contact details. This is there for purpose, you need to make them visible so that people can be able to ring you. Dont use a phone? There is an email adress as well.

Their business is Bikes, and thats what you see all over the place…from their logo to all clickable and readable content. Its very important that you organize your website in a a way that people believe you do what you said.

Do you see people cycling? Yes thats their business…thats what web visitors see and thats who they are.

web design Kerry

When you have visitors on your website, lead them to the important actions or pages. You can see here visitors are told to do, and also the commitment of the supplier after the visitors picks their choice.

All you do on website should reflect the marketing, hence sales.

Website design Kerry, we are here for you.

Guys I hope you have enjoyed my post and Hangout Web design Kerry. Please feel free to ring at 087 9772200 or skype colm.mcgill.

Whether you need a new website or just you need a redesign of your current website, we are here to help.

Allied to that, you have our full support on marketing as we have the digital marketing course for business owners. Feel free to check out.

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