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Web design Dublin by Colm McGill

Are you looking for a web design in Dublin? Well you might be outside of Dublin as well and looking for a a web design around Dublin or outside Dublin as you know we dont really need to meet all people that are giving us the services in this internet world…as long as we can connect and deliver the expected value.

I am Colm McGill, a digital marketing Consultant who does web design, search engine optimization, digital marketing training and consultation and I have my own course on Digital marketing for business owners, as you know now you need to understand how internet marketing works and do some bit of works on your website.

I am today speaking about web design, my main goal here is not making all readers of this post to sign up with me, but I do understand the need to educate business owners so that they make better decisions when they are choosing their web designers. Also there are people whose websites have been designed for years but they do not get business off their website.

The number one goal of any business owner to design their website is not to showcase what they offer, is to get business online with the increased number of people searching for services online. I do believe if you have a website you must be getting clients, if not you need a review of your website from the digital marketing consultant who will also advice you on the marketing strategies like Search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing and many other strategies depending on your marketing goals, reach and budget.

Many business owners have it wrong, as they think a graphic designer can design their website, well; graphic designers design fantastic websites in looks, but if that graphic designer is not a digital marketing professional, the website may look fantastic but attract no client.

I am a great fan of web designers, but most of them they are more inclined to what their clients want, while as digital marketers we normally design a website based on what the target market needs. Before designing a website these are questions every business owner has to answer:

  • What is your business (What do you offer)
  • What are your clients
  • How do they get your services at the moment
  • Why do you need a website
  • What other marketing strategies are you using
  • Whats your marketing budget

The reason for such questions is always to let us know our client’s clients, business and goals. Without knowing the answers for such question we will get paid for designing a website, but will the website help our client? Thats a difference between web designers and marketers.

Web design Dublin | What do you offer

Its vital to understand in depth what our client offer. The reason for that is to clearly see what kind of online service the want, what kind of website they need, and what features the website should have. We go further after the customer has tools us what they offer, by researching what are the top competitors doing, and craft our marketing strategy based on a real research and gap available in the industry.

We know every business may have different features, but you will never know that if you have not known what your client is offering and who are the customers for such services.

Who are your Clients | Web design Dublin

This is very important guys, as most businesses offer their services in local areas, while others have different regions and others are national wide businesses. The strategy that works for a local business offering their services in a single location like Plumbers, is different to a business that attracts people from other regions for example if you own a tourist attraction or you have a tour company.

The difference also apply to the design of the website, as with local business we normally optimize all pages to attract the people in that locality, while with national wide business we may require to optimize different pages in different localities.

Also by understanding what are the client’s target market, its easier to go and research what they search when they need such services…then we create our website and all landing pages depending on that.

Web design Dublin| Why do you need a website

To make sales. Thats a short answer to why we need a website. So when our client is designing a website, the main goal is to help them make sales and maximize their revenues. Thats why any website designed should reflect the sales acquisition hence you need a marketing mind when you are really designing a website. To really understand how that website will drive sales to the business, but more importantly how the designed websites will get web visits.

As designing a nice website without visits/ traffic is like building a nice hotel in the desert where no one goes, but also having a website that don’t convert is like having a great hotel in town but no one dares to stay.

Hence every website should do the following:

  • Search Engine Optimized…that it can be reached through search results
  • Conversion Optimized…that it can convert web visitors into real business customers
  • Business branding and retain customers.

What are the marketing strategies you use

We normally advice the clients on the marketing strategies they can consider to make their business prosper. Remember when you have a new business no one knows it. So just a website wont help as no one will reach there. So the best and basic marketing we start with is optimizing your website so that people in the target location who are searching for the services you offer may see you.

Of course it takes time, but at least we are not like other web designers who say design a website and customers will come. If the client don’t have a marketing budget for at least doing the search engine optimization we normally help them do on page optimization and give them blogging training so that they can blog in a proper way and rank their website.

Also we offer our digital marketing course that are very affordable for small businesses and have all the training they need to rank and market their business online.

Web design Dublin| What website Do I really need

Here below are the main features of a website that you should put in consideration or your web designer should.

  • Conversion based features:
  • Should have a Credibility statement
  • Should have a justification
  • Should Include third part endorsement or the reviews from your past clients
  • Should have most important information in place (Service page, Contact Page and sales page)
  • Social Integration


  • Make your Home page compelling
  • Explain what you do, not just how you do it.
  • Give facts about your business
  • Optimize each page of your copy for specific keywords
  • Craft good title tags and description meta-tags
  • Include testimonials, case studies and client lists
  • Use real photos when possible

Design based Features

  • Simplicity
  • Logical site navigation
  • Fast-loading pages
  • Minimal scroll
  • Consistent layout
  • Prominent, logical navigation
  • Descriptive link text
  • Cross-platform/browser compatibility
  • Quality Screen Resolution


Guys I hope you have enjoyed my post, Web design dublin. Dont resitate to ring me and discuss your web design project. You may well need to redesign your current website and maximize the revenues.

Also you may need more of a customized marketing package, Call Colm on 087 9772200 or skype colm.mcgill now and grow your business.

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