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web design Cork

Hello guys in today’s hangout and post I speak about Webs design Cork. If you are a business owner from Cork looking for a webs design cork or you are just from the other part of Ireland or the world, here is a short but great guide video and article for you before you choose which web designer will be taking your next project.

My name is Colm McGill, I am a digital marketing consultant who do web design, search engine optimization, online marketing training and marketing consultation to business owners like you. I want to speak from the marketing point as whatever you do on your website should reflect your marketing goals, hence you should design a website from the marketing point of view; but unfortunately many web designers are not internet marketers…so how will they know how your website will perform in this competitive marketing field?

I answer your question today. The main goal of a business owner is to make sales of what they offer…through which mediums…that’s when they go online by starting by a web design. So in a real sense your website is one of the main sales tool and it should act as your online home. If that’s so, then you need to have a website that can attract visitors and convert them to real buyers of your services.

You need to design your website from the marketing point of view. If you are from Cork and looking for a web design cork here below is the main features of marketing tool (website) you need. I will also show you my portfolio and other marketing services I offer to my web design cork clients to help you make business online.

Web design Cork, Justification of your services

When you have a website you should treat it as your offline store. Let say you own a salon, when people walk in your salon they will eventually feel the salon and that’s when the first impression counts. If they walk in but do not see those features that different you from the crowd, you are in trouble. But also if they walk in think the way its organized it will be difficult to get their expected standards you are in trouble to.

Some people ask me hey Colm how do I make my business service justification the moment the visitors gets on home page, I tell them bring what you offer and what you know makes your clients make decision there then you will sell.

web design Cork, Justification

The Screenshot above is from the website homepage. So for anyone looking for a web designer they will really see what I have made, what I do. And that’s justification of what you offer.

Third Party Endorsement

Sales people will speak everything they want about their business. But remember if you have been in business possibly you have served some clients; is there any client talking about your services? If yes what are they talking? You need to bring some endorsements of your clients on your website as those will make a great impact on new visitors decision making.

Web design cork| Layout and Navigation

Have you been on website where it became hard to access some other pages…or maybe you didn’t know which page to click after landing on their home page. Thats a problem guys.

Your website should have a clear layout and navigation that will help your web visitors visit your important pages direct from the home page. I emphasize this because most people go off your websites before going to the sales/product page.

For more information about Ingredients of a High performing website, please mail me or ring or just visit our specific page here.

Guys as I said earlier its very important you design your website with the marketing goals, hence you need a digital marketer who will design or advice before the design starts.

I have worked with various web design clients as you can see on my portfolio but also here below I will give a hint of one or two websites that I designed and the different functionalities that make web visitors easy to convert into the real clients.

Web design Cork, My marketing based designs

web design cork, Colm McGill

This amazing small business website is a very basic design. But what we normally do, weather its a small business, medium or large your website should never be compromised. You need to have a great look, a website thats clearly show what you offer…and of course the look that make your web visitors feel better and ready to buy.

Its important that you keep all important information close to the visitors eyes…and as you might well know the beauty industry you will need catchy images…If you are a plumber, a tour company or an online store we always present that on the visitors the moment they visit your homepage.

web design Cork our portifolio

Hire us and let our web design and marketing experience work for you.

This is the plumbing business, as you must know many people search for plumber in their emergence mode. They just need someone to fix their issues on time. If you look closely on the header…you will see we put the mobile number as people who are searching through mobile they can ring directly by clicking there…but if they are on desktop they can still note down and still straight.

You can also see the physical address so if someone is close as plumbing business is to serve local people in the local area, they can just drive in and talk to the plumber. This is very important guys.

The moment you enter their site, you directly see who they are, what they do, how you can reach them. Those are three of the most important web features.

web design Cork  Colm McGill

This one is a more complex site designed by me. What I really want to show you here is the functionality of the site that makes potential customers easy to access your services and feel better experience on your website.

As you scroll through this huge site, you will still see the menu bar…this is great as people might need to just click on the sales page or different regions or just hire a bike after seeing them. You need to get them by hand. Also look at the Footer, you will see how catchy and informative it is!

This website do highlight the bikes on the third party website as well, but people dont switch sites, instead it opens like a full pop up when you click, and with just a click on x, you are in your webpage again. These are the kind of small things but make impacts on your business.

Guys now we have spoke through the hang out and a post, please ring me and we can discuss your next project.

Also if you are not from Cork, we still serve people around Ireland and other places outside as you can see I have m,ore than three clients in Tanzania, Africa, and their projects were way bigger, so do not worry.

Web design Cork | Full digital marketing support

I do offer online training as well as its vital important that when you have decided to go online you have all the tools that will make you succeed, I will lead you all the way to master everything. With my digital marketing training course, you will be able to master your website, blog and update your website but also do the online marketing to expand your revenues.

Discuss a web design Cork Project

So guys I know you might be looking for a web design cork in an emergency mode, so I wont keep you long on the post, take your phone now and ring at 087 9772200 or skype colm.mcgill now to discuss your project.

Remember, if your website doesn’t bring you business, you are losing big. Ring me now and I will open the floodgates.

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