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web design Ireland

Are you looking for a web designer in Ireland who will take your next web project or would like to redesign your existing one? Well if yes, here is a great guide from the Irish web expert who does digital marketing (Web design, digital marketing consultation, search engine optimization, content marketing and online analysis) for businesses in Ireland.

I am Colm McGill. I always meet business owners who are in need of web design and digital marketing services, what mostly bothers them they are always promised by some web designers who are not digital marketers that come design a website with us and you will start getting clients…the website gets designed but no clients…or no enough clients and the web designer eventually says I did my work, I designed your website you need to do marketing if you need business.

While some people would say there is no problem with this approach, I say there is. There is a problem for the simple fact that a business owner would not be designing a website unless that website is functioning as a business magnet, a sales tool. Hence there is no point of designing a website to someone who do not know, or who do not do marketing.

Oooh Colm, Web design and web marketing are two different things! While I do agree with that, but I can assure you are two different things but inseparable. The reason are inseparable is…your website being one of the main marketing and sales tool your business will ever have should reflect your marketing goals and strategies. Your website will set your marketing benchmark.

A web designer that is marketing oriented first of all would like to know what you offer and who are your clients. They will go further and do a research to determine what kind of medium your clients use when they are looking for the services you offer…If they are searching on internet obviously your website should be designed and optimized, doing only the design wont help.

If your potential clients meet your competitors through the local listings and directories, marketing and business/industry blogs and websites…your website needs optimization and clear landing pages as well.

But also if your competitors are online, and are doing digital marketing…you will need to do it. So is there a reason a web designer should take your money and leave you in a middle of nowhere? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Web design Ireland | What we do

As I have said above, we do not think we can separate web design and marketing, that’s why at our organization we do web design and marketing. We normally advise our clients before taking their project that according to what they offer, their market and the competition around, they will need a certain amount of an seo optimized website and a certain amount of money and time to do marketing before they really start seeing results.

We do design a website and do all on page Optimization, which many web designers do. After that If a client says they cannot afford marketing even after advising the possible affordable packages…we encourage them to take our digital marketing course that will make them control every aspect of marketing on their business. As they can learn how to optimize, blog and do marketing. Also learn how to optimize for conversion.

Web design Ireland | How we do It

We only have a custom design for every client, we dont do generic ones. We do discuss with our client to know the basic requirements and with our own research on the industry best practice, target market, competition and marketing needs we come up with a solution that helps our client to have a functioning website that brings sales.

If our clients are taking one of our marketing packages like search engine optimization, Content marketing, Local seo, or Pay Per Click through Google or Facebook we start right away after the design. If they are not taking our marketing package they possibly will need to market their business on their own, that’s when we train them how to…with our comprehensive digital marketing course.

The reason for all this is we believe, building a fantastic website without a marketing plan is like building a beautiful hotel in the midst of the desert where no one crosses.

Web design Ireland | Our Works, our values

Here below I will take you through what we consider important to any website that has to drive customers to your business, also I will show some web design works we have done.

Layout and Navigation | Web design Ireland

The layout and navigation of your website will attract or chase away your web visitors. With the marketing oriented design we are able to create your website that attracts visitors and make it easier for them to make business with you.

It ranges from your Menu, what you have presented there as main headings of what you want people to read.

Quick web design conversion Guidelines

  • Make your Home page compelling
  • Explain what you do, not just how you do it.
  • Give facts about your business
  • Optimize each page of your copy for specific keywords
  • Craft good title tags and description meta-tags
  • Include testimonials, case studies and client lists
  • Use real photos when possible

As you can see above, those are the important features that your website should have. Some other people try to make a compelling website but it don’t convey any information that can help potential clients make decision to go with you.

Our websites make easier for your first time and returning visitors see important pages especially service/product pages. As its very important that your website leads your potential customers to pages that make business direct from the home page.

Giving facts about your business. We create a sales copy that is talk about facts, figures and benefits of people buying or paying for your products/services. Well some other business will say I don’t think I have a unique sales Point…we discuss that with you until we come with what uniquely distinguishes you from the crowd.

We optimize each sales page copy with specific keywords of the services you are offering. This is very important guys, as we try to make our client business, but also we try to create a great user experience to the web visitors that’s why we try to treat every sales page differently to the point that it can stand alone and make sales, but also be rechargeable through the keyword that the user searched for or clicked from the home page at the first point.

We try to include testimonials, case study and client list if possible. This is very important as people buy off people. I honestly dont know why people are attracted to make a purchase decision after they see some other people used your services…but ironically people’s reviews make me believe this service is great.

If you have your past clients, they will help you make sales. Just give us their honesty reviews and we will optimize for sales.


Here below are some of the web design works we did

Web design Ireland- Colm McGill


Here is one of our simple designs we made. If you look closely at the header you can see the mobile number and email address even before the menu bar, this is very great guys as people who are searching through mobile can ring straight away.

The most important thing is to blend the design with the actual services you offer. They are a salon business and at the look at their website you can clearly even before scrolling know exactly that its a beauty website. Thats what we do. Give us your idea and we make your visuals.


web design Ireland Colm McGill

Here is another business we have done web design and search engine optimization. Its a Tanzanian Tour company business that serves tourist from all the world.


You can see some features we have spoke about like Important pages being visible and accessible from the Home page. But also you can see the testimonial that makes people trust you, as you scroll a bit down you see who owns the company as that’s very important.

You also see the main products they offer, you can see Kilimanjaro Climbing and Adventure safaris. Due to the space limit of the screenshot you can visit Mauly Tours and see what we did.


Web design Ireland | Talk to Us

Guys I hope you have enjoyed our post, Web design Ireland. Please dont hesitate to call Colm McGill on 087 9772200 or skype colm.mcgill and discuss your project.

Thank you.