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Web design Ireland

Web Design Ireland

“Web design Ireland”, many small business owners in Ireland type this in to the search engines. This of course is the first step in getting a website developed if you do not go with whoever is doing it locally. But something I have noticed through my experience of working with small businesses. It has become quite evident that many of you small business  owners do not have real ownership of your site.

Losing Money

Many of you small business owners are losing a lot of money getting you site designed. As you do not have a clear plan in place on what you expect,from your website  in terms of performance and ROI. Many web designers put a very nice and functional site together for you. However if you want to add a page or change something it costs you. Think about this if you want someone else to handle your online marketing effort these companies are slow to give you the access you need. As they want to remain in control of your site. This of course is your fault the small business owner I am sorry to say. The book stops with you,it is  after all your business.

Understand online marketing

I appeal to you the small business owner to get more internet savvy and start understanding the potential your website possess for the development and expansion of your business. Therefore the next time you go to the search engines and type in “web design Ireland” or web design anywhere for that matter that you have your home work done.

What I mean guys is many of you go and get your website developed or designed for x amount, however you have limited control over it and you are charged on a yearly basis for such a privilege.  Think about this my friends why not host it yourself with many companies that provide hosting. Hostgator for example and you will be surprised at how cheap the hosting is.

There is no doubt that it requires some skills and expertise to build a website, but there are many people out there that can help you. I f you are a small businesses owner you need to start educating yourself about how to utilise online marketing for your business. Let’s face it guys the whole world is on line.

What you want from your Website

You have to start understanding what you want your website to deliver and it should be to drive traffic to your business and at the end of the day increase your customer base. You can’t let your website just sit there and do nothing for your business

This approach is not good enough and you have to be aware when you type in “web design Ireland” that you know what you want first and foremost. Too many small business owners say to these companies I want a site and they pick a package that best suits their description and that is it.

That is not it guys, if you want your website to perform it has to be gaining exposure for your business. You have to understand keywords, blogging, content creation, video marketing, etc. Or get some one that knows to help you.

Website central to your success

A website is important part of your marketing effort but it needs to be maintained and kept up to date. It requires you to produce content on a regular basis that is informational and educational.

You need a website for sure as a small business but you need to make it work for you. What you do not need is to be charged for every little change that is done to your website. What you need guys is a little advice. So I hope I have given you something to think about when you type in “ web design Ireland”


If you need any help or advice with webdesign or online marketing, contact me today.

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