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I decided to write a post today and create a hangout video for web design Galway as there is loads of Google searches for that term, so I do believe many people in Galway are looking for web design services. I will not speak long but at least I would like to give my thoughts on web design and give a guide to clearly find a web designer that will help you make sales through website; actually If you would like to go with me Colm McGill, I will help your business grow.

I am a digital marketer specialized in web designing, search engine optimization, conversion optimization, content marketing and digital marketing training. Here I will give you the guide to finding the right person or agency to do your web design. Also dont hesitate to ring me  on 087 9772200 or skype colm.mcgill as I will not only design a website, but make your marketing tool that makes you business.

Web design Galway | Main reason for having a website

Guys I do believe the goal number one for having a website is making sales and maximize your revenue/ grow your business. Having that in mind, whoever designs your website should be having a marketing knowledge as the website being the main sales tool, the designer should understand what makes the website convert visitors to real customers, but more importantly devise a plan on how the potential clients will reach your website, is it by typing your business name?

From the marketing point of view, we have to design a website that is fully optimized to make sales, but first to make a website that can be reached by people who are looking for the services we are offering. Previously people thought that if they had a website, people will eventually come to their website,…they were wrong. Because having a website designed is like having a business in a foreign land where no one knows you…you need to market it.

There are number of ways that can be used to attract visitors (targeted visitors) to your website, and one should be the search engine optimization. The way search engine optimization works also depends on your design, as we have to start with on page optimization, so your web designer if they have no clue about search engine optimization, you will be losing big!

Another way to attract visitors to your website can be content marketing, social media marketing, blogging intensively and pay per click services through Google ad words and other ad networks. So you see there are enough options to take but every option needs some kind of expertise, either you learn it or hire someone to do it, its always great if your web designer has a knowledge as they can advise or work on behalf you to make sure you succeed.

At my organization, we believe there is no point of designing a website if it cant bring in some business, hence we find it hard to accept any web design project from a person who believe their website will bring them business without investing in marketing or at least investing in educating themselves on how they can market their business online.

Some web designer will only take money for web design, when you come back that you do not get enough clients as you should be getting they tend to say; well i design website, I don’t do marketing! Thats very bad, you better educate the client before they  commit themselves to designing  a website, as they might as well use that money in marketing and design a website later when they have made steady revenue.

Web design Galway | What we do

As I said earlier we are a digitalk marketing team, we do web design, digital marketing, digital marketing training and consultation. When we have potential website clients, we tend to talk and discuss with them several issues concerning their business and their business goals they need to attain.

We always try to know exactly who are the potential clients and how do they find such services you are offering, competitors and marketing goals. Through that it makes our works easier, as we can go and do a research and determine the volume of people looking at your services, the medium they are using, your top competitors and devise a way to win.

After our research , we will let you know what we think is best, of course we will be designing your optimized website, but we will inform you exactly whats needed to win and dominate. If people are searching the services you offer through the search engines like Google, we know you have to do search engine optimization; if your competitors are getting enough clients through the local directories, industry websites we know we need to create enough citations to your business.

We tell you this before we design a website. In case you can not afford taking digital marketing packages like search engine optimization, we normally customize your other campaign or give you our digital marketing course for you to do it and we know you will perform great. The reason for all this support and information beforehand is to make sure that you make a best decision for your business, and work together as a team until you succeed.

Web design Galway | Our works

We do make sure your website is set and ready to sell. Making your website have better usability like:

  • Simplicity
  • Mobile responsive
  • Logical site navigation
  • Fast-loading pages
  • Minimal scroll
  • Consistent layout
  • Prominent, logical navigation
  • Descriptive link text
  • Cross-platform/browser compatibility
  • Quality Screen Resolution

Also we make sure your website has the following features for conversion optimization

  • Make your Home page compelling
  • Explain what you do, not just how you do it.
  • Give facts about your business
  • Optimize each page of your copy for specific keywords
  • Craft good title tags and description meta-tags
  • Include testimonials, case studies and client lists
  • Use real photos when possible

Web design Galway | Making a compelling Home page

We all know that the most visited page of any website is a home page, and that where the bounce back occurs as well when the visitors don’t find what they were looking for. So the best art you can do with your website is on the Homepage, but its not only about only the looks, but the arrangement, navigation and simplicity of getting to important pages.

Explaining what you do

Most people make a mistake here, as they tend to design great websites but you wont find great description and information about what they do. This is very important guys, as someone need to know what you offer as soon as they get on your website home page or any other webpage. Also its very important you include supportive features of what you do like your completed projects or served clients.

Web design Galway, Facts, Features and Benefits

We design our clients’ online visibility by considering the facts, features and benefits. Thats our main business hence all the sales copy we make our website/webpages should be around those three features.

We help create a defining unique selling point for our customers so that we set them apart from the crowd.

Remember people are not buying your services because they like you, its because the services/products will make them better; will solve their problems.

The role of testimonials, case studies and past clients

Guys have you ever done decision based on the customer reviews? I hope yes so thats number one reason people try to include the reviews on their sales copy. The reason this works fantastically is, people are not buying your services to test out if they will work, they just need to buy something tested and approved, that’s where testimonials come in!

I hope if you have been in business for a year or so you have served some people, give us their testimonials and we will create great sales copy for you. Also if you have a case study, maybe people wrote about your services/products or have a list of past clients, that will make the conversion easier.

Guys let me show you one or two of our designs, and let us know if you would like to have such an experience.

web design Galway Colm McGill

This is a plumbing customer, as you know most people who are searching or looking for plumbers are always on the emergency mode, that’s why you can see at the top there are mobile numbers so that they can ring straight away If they are searching through mobile or mail straight away by the click of the button. This is very important feature for conversion of your web visitors.

Its one of the basic websites we have designed but really what matters is the presentation of your services infront of your potential customers and make it easier for them to take action…like visiting other pages, calling you, or inquire a quote.

web design galway

Whether you have a small business we can clearly design a great website for you and start selling online. As you can see this is a rural cottage in Valentia Island, as you visit their website you will be able to see the integrated booking engine for them.

But before that, you can see as you visit their home page…Its all a sales copy that makes your visitors convert into paying clients.

Web design Galway | Work with Us

I hope you have enjoyed our post, web design galway, If you are looking for a marketing minded web designer dont hesitate to Call Colm on 087 9772200 or skype colm.mcgill now and discuss your project.

Also if you already have a website but you think you are getting less clients than you should be, talk to us and we can open the floodgates in three months.

Thank you