Video optimizing for SEO | An online presence | Colm McGill

Video optimizing for SEO | An online presence

Video optimizing for SEO | An online presence

Video optimizing for SEO:

First of all guys You tube gets 4 billion hits each day. Has that got your attention? I thought it might.
So straight away we see the importance of Video and also be aware that it is only on the increase, as a result of this; video is now the sixth most popular tactic in content marketing.

Now guys I know it can be intimidating to get in front of the camera especially when it is your first time all I can say it gets easier and after a few videos you’ll be fine. At the end of the day just be yourself and keep in mind they don’t have to be masterpieces.

How to optimize for SEO?

Here I’m going to outline some really simple strategies I use with my videos and it really helps with optimizing for SEO.


1 Video where to post it ?

Well guys I post my videos mainly in 4 different platforms. First is YOU TUBE why it is the second biggest search engine on the planet. Then I post them on Dailymotion, Metacafe and Meefeedia.

2 Title Tags and Description

Make sure you fill out these categories and what I always do guys is ensure my video has the same title as my post. Also I always put my videos under the “HOW TO” category.

3 Social platforms and sharing.

The platforms I use is Google + Pinterest Facebook and twitter. I think an good idea here guys is put a comment underneath your video when shared also if some one comments on your video or post for that matter engage with them.

4 Every post should have video.

Every post has to have Video guys so make sure you put them in there. This is what keeps people on your site longer as they are engaged with your video. Remember guys time on site is instrumental in SEO as it highlights your relevance.

Listen Video rules:

Now with these simple strategies highlighted. Let’s consider  with an estimated 2.1 billion internet users,  81% of users don’t read they scan the material in front of them. Therefore video is essential.

As we can imagine we have to be more engaging and innovative with our content creation to grab their attention and to set us apart from our competition. This is where Video is unrivaled guys, it is a truly powerful marketing tool in building your brand online.

It highlights your passion and commitment to your business and products and services like no other. It make sense because  people can see you, hear you, draw a conclusion to what type of person your are.

It allows you to present your business and opportunity directly to them in the comfort of their homes. It allows  you to inspire them. It allows your to show them what kind of a leader teacher you are. Whatever the goal or the aim of your strategy is.

Time on your site:

All these facts mean that they spend longer on your site and  which help with SEO and adds real credibility and relevance to your site therefore drives you up the pages in the search engines.

My advice is get out there start shooting your Videos and follow my simple strategies and target your keywords and you will find that

Video does optimize for SEO.

Thank you,



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