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Video is a powerful marketing tool | An online presence

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Video is a powerful marketing tool

Therefore guys you have to get in front of the camera. The reason for this we no longer want to read. When we come to a site we just scan the material and hence much of the material is never read.

The average person on the net only reads to a 10th grade standard. Allied with the fact that the average person only stays on any given site for 8-20 seconds, we have to grab their attention.Therefore incorporating a video on your post, where people will click and listen just like you have done here.


The video allows you to become personable with your audience and allows you to show your passion for the products and services you are sharing. People like to listen and see the personality behind the products and services. Remember people still buy from people.

Video allows you to build trust and credibility with you audience like no other marketing tool. Therefore video creates a better brand and better brand awareness. People now can put a face a person a personality to your products and services.

Video creates a buzz much faster
and builds trust and people are much quicker to recommend your products through encouraging others to take a look at your video. If you have put the video together correctly and give good quality information you will capture customers and clients for sure through the medium of video

It is estimated within the next 2 years video will account for 90% of all information consumption. Therefore you can imagine this powerful medium will generate a lot of traffic in your direction. Of course the likes of Google loves video, therefore as you can imagine it helps with SEO; also they own YouTube which plays a roll.

Therefore video is paramount in any post, blog or website; its lend relevance to your content and as people are more inclined to watch a video as appose to reading people are engaged more. Also they spend more time on your site and Video increase your site popularity which all factor in SEO.

The video platforms I would recommend would be:

• Dailymotion
• Metacafe
• Vimeo
• Me Feedia

All of these platforms are essential when setting out your marketing campaign so if you don’t have account with these recommend video do so immediately.

There is no denying when comes to the power that video posses; when we think about it.But many of us overlook this powerful medium. The reason for this is many people may feel intimidated by getting out there and presenting what they have to offer.

The truth the first is the hardest after you take that initial step to crating your first video you will have no problems.

Bear in mind it does not have to be a fantastic production as you see from mine however you just have to by genuine and give quality information on your product or services. As we have earlier discussed this gives credibility and trust to your brand.

So there you have it guys why I believe that video is a powerful marketing tool.

Thank you

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