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Understanding the Search Engines | An online presence

understanding the search engines | An online presence

Understanding the Search engines

SEO= Search Engine Optimization
SEM= Search Engine Marketing

This  is what its all about, if you and your business are serious about getting a strong performing presence online; quite simple you have to gain some basic knowledge.  Other wise you are just lying there dormant in  an online wilderness.
The first thing we have to speak about is SEO and SEM. Let’s us explain what each stands for.

SEO is what we do as online marketers for the search engines to please them through different strategies.

SEM is more about people than search engines however they are closely aligned and often intertwine.

It is becoming more and more apparent that SEM is vital as search engines are in the business of answering questions asked by people.
They need to provide the most relevant answer to the question or query being posed.

Would you believe guys that 70% of all products brought/sold happen through search. So therefore you need to be online and develop your online presence.
Another thing to note is that Google takes up 72% of the pie when it comes to searches. So with all the different search engines out there Google is well and truly the king.

With this information in mind. We really have to be aware of the most important factors that cause our content to rank in the search engines. The two main factors are.

  1. Relevance

  2. Popularity



When we speak about Relevance, the search engines are looking for content relevant to the question asked.

So lets think about it when you go to a search engine and type in a query you expect a relevant answer. To accomplish this the search engines look to factors such as Titles.

The length of the content produced the minimum requirement is 600wrds.How it is structured and what it contains for example images video.

It is also of the utmost importance to use different headings Bullet points and separate point in the form of paragraphs.

All material should be scan-able. These factors  influence the relevance of the piece.



The thing here is to bear in mind the Sociability factor. What I mean here is we have to be social and engage and interact on these social sites and platforms.

Social media is getting more and more important and again it is driven by what people are interested in and what they like. This obviously adds popularity to your material and content.

Another important factor is the inbound outward links attached to you website. Many business and people fall down here guys.

What happens here is once people design their websites they start linking to everyone their friends websites and any other site at all that exists.

This is a waste of time you have to link to sites that are relevant  to your product and service.

Also you should try and link to websites with a high page rank which adds credibility and relevance and ultimately popularity.


The last factor I am going to speak about guys is content. The thing here, to remember content is King we have to produce quality content on a regular basis.

What I mean by quality content is content that is relevant to the topic your are speaking about. How to make the content relevant is through proper titles well structure material and the use of video and images.

The search engines are continuously sending out spiders and crawlers to check your content.

If you are producing large chunks of text,break it up. The way you break it up is into bit size readable sections with appropriate headings.

Ensure that you have good quality anchor texts on your links as spiders will shoot off to check it and always ensure that everything looks natural.

So there is a little insight in to understanding search engines and how they operate and what they are looking for.


So ensure when your are creating content that it is relevant and well structured and follow the basic steps to content creation. When it comes to linking ensure your engaging in a natural linking method.


So now guys go to your website and be honest with your self  are you doing what i have spoke about and if not start.

Thank you,


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