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The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0

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Affiliate Marketing for Courses: The Success secrets

Hello Guys and welcome to my post today ” Udemy online courses” .  Udemy is an educational platform which I have been using for the last few years. In the interest of transparency I must declare any links here are Affiliate links. Step one : Click on this link: udemy online courses

Step one: Click on the images above

Why Promote Udemy

Well guys I feel many of you out there whether you are a want to be online marketer a consultant or a small buisness owner udemy is fantastic for you to skill up or to get that all important education in your category udemy is perfect for you.

Udemy price point.

The wonderful thing about udemy is you can get courses at amuch reduce price as they run promotions throughout the year. As a result of this is not unusual to get a  course valued at $200.00 for $10.00. So keep your eye out for promo codes.


My Udemy video above.

In the udemy video above I am promoting udemy obviously but in the video you can see quite clearly that I have used many of the courses. You will see that the courses suggested to me are heavily weighted toward marketing of course. I share the screen and I show you the udemy interface or dashboard whichever you would like to call it.

Udemy Dashboard

So once we are inside I show you the udemy home page and you will see the various categories as you see at the top. There are thousands of course in Udemy. From here I show you that they suggest course that you may very well be interested in depending on your past purchases. So you will get a great service with respect to your further education in your field. In my dashboard you can see quite clearly that I have done a lot of Facebook advertising. The reason for this as you may know that I am digital marketing consultant and I work with many small business and therefore use Facebook advertising a lot. So udemy allows me to keep up to date with best practices. Also its so cost effective which is great and eliminate any excuse on your part.

Udemy Testimonials

The udemy courses I have studied are of a high quality and often they are updated by the author with any relevant updates. But the way to make sure you are getting quality is by reading the reviews by fellow learners guys. It like anything now days online read the reviews and you will be able to make a informed decision. Also the testimonials give you exactly what the courses are about so that you get your decision right.

Udemy Conclusion

So by now you have seen the video and it all makes sense to you as you can see the udemy dashboard and see how easy it is to navigate. You will see that I use udemy and you will see I have purchased 26 course so you know I have tried the product. U have done the courses, also you can see from my own website I have applied what I learnt funny enough I bet what I learnt on udemy has brought you here.

Step one: Click on the images above

note: links on this page are affiliate links.