online marketing beginner tips | part one | Colm McGill

online marketing beginner tips | part one

Tips for an online marketing beginner | part one



Online marketing beginner, yes today guys I am going to help not to make the same mistakes as many people starting out online.

  • Are you struggling online?
  • Have you been promised that you will make millions?
  • Have you spent thousands on this product and that product?
  • Are you being bombarded with emails about every get rich quick scheme ?
  • Are you suffering from information overload?

If you have answered yes to any of these you have to to read this article and part two one next week guys.


Tips for online marketing beginners

First let us speak about you. You have come to the Internet looking to start a career right?. Ok you may be unemployed for what ever reason which makes no difference but you are here online now.

Are you looking to start an online Career?

So you are an online marketing beginner and I know you have all-ready been promised the sun moon and stars. There is no doubt  when you type in online marketing  opportunities to Google or bing you were inundated with opportunity. This is great  you thought opportunities everywhere.

Passive income you have to do nothing only watch the money roll in. Is this you have you signed up to these opportunities? You have I thought so my next question is “have you made money?” . If you have not guys you have to stop the approach you are using you have to stop chasing.

Stop chasing start learning

YES the online marketing beginner needs to take their head out of the sand. You the online marketing beginner need to put your credit card away and stop chasing these get rich quick schemes guys. Come on guys how many times are you going to be seduced by the same BS??

Straight talking no BS.

First of all guys many of these people that are selling products are preying on people like you the online marketing beginner. This is how they are making their money.

They get you to buy this amazing money maker software, but once you sign up and pay you find you have another email in your inbox. Saying that it will work much more effectively if you update  the product for additional amount.

Now the product that  promised you,  that you would make  money  within  minutes has cost you double. You have been fooled once more. Is this you? Are you sick of the hype???

More straight talking for the online marketing Beginner

Did you wake up this morning and your inbox full of more empty promises??. Guys the first piece of advice I would give you is unsubscribe to all this crap. Take action now. unsubscribe now to all this sales crap. Have you done it ? Now I bet your getting anxious with this article even frustrated ??? good because my first tip for you the online marketing beginner is patience.

Patience is a necessity for the online marketing beginner

YES guys start working on your patience. The reason I say this is, if you had patience and taken time out you wold have not spent thousands of dollars. Now I may sound blunt but you aint going to get any BS here guys. Now what I am going to do is put out a post next week with the actual  tips I promised. But in the mean time look through my website guys, there is loads of Information for you the online marketing beginner.

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