The Circle of Influence on your Business Online | Colm McGill

The Circle of Influence on your Business Online | An online presence

circle of influence on your business online | An online presence

The Circle of Influence on your Business Online

This post is about the circle of influence  which contributes greatly to creating an online presence.Let us  consider the different platforms that make up the circle of influence.


It makes no difference the industry your are in,no difference what products and services you are offering,your aim and goal are all the same. To drive traffic back to your website.

Inner Circle of Influence

Ok guys your business is at the center with your products and services  which you offer. Whether you are a blogger about fishing, sailing, making yogurt or a small business trying to capture custom for your opportunity; again it makes no difference when it comes to creating that online presence.

The reason you go online is not only to have a presence online but to ensure that presence is performing and driving traffic back to your business.

This traffic consists of potential customers which we need to expand and develop our businesses.There are many influence’s which play their part on ensuring you create an online presence. These influence’s  are in the next two circles.


Middle circle of influence:


  • Blogs.

  • Websites.

  • Video.

  • Images

  • e-mail.

With our blogs we post relevant material and information, in forming people of what we offer. The type of business  and industry we belong to.

The blog allows us to share information and material about our products and services on a regular basis.

Through our blogs we can create and develop information in several ways and by using different mediums. This really is a fantastic medium to influence prospective customers on a daily, weekly basis.

This is our home online it is our address. It allows us to put a face or a profile to our business.

It showcases what  type of business we are and more importantly what kind of people we are. This is where you showcase your products and services and ultimately the place transactions take place.

The website is basically the place online that you put all your mediums under the one roof, it is undoubtedly the focal point of your online presence.

There is no denying the power and the influence video has. It is becoming more and more obvious when it comes to online marketing.
It is estimated that 80% of all information consumption will be video within 2 years.
This  is unbelievable when you think about it. Also another fact about video is that it is estimated also that it is responsible for 60-70%  of traffic driven to our sites.

So the simple answer here guys is get in front of the camera.


Images are visually pleasing and are a fantastic way to portray your business in an interesting way.

A good image captures the imagination and remember a picture speaks a thousands words.


One of the most powerful influences of all has to be email as you have captured the interested parties personal information.

Now you can communicate your message in a personal way to call them to action. With each correspondence you are developing a relationship.

If you have a correct  email marketing strategies it can bring huge rewards, to you business in several ways.

Outer Circle of Influence


Lets take a look at the outer circle of Influence. This is inhabited by the whole world of social media platforms.


  • RSS

  • DIG

  • Yelp

  • Facebook

  • You Tube

  • Second Life

  • LinkedIn

  • Posts

  • Google +

  • Twitter


We have to appreciate the power  social media has, as force for directing traffic to our websites. Now days everybody has a few different social media accounts and therefore we have to participate.

This is a fantastic place to set the seeds of interest about our products and services in the minds of prospective customers.

There are several fun ways in which we can create interest through our social media accounts guys. It is a source of free advertising and it can cause your post or product to go viral.

The reason is social media is so connected and once you like or share something your friends automatically see it. As we can image this can create more and more interest in our product and service creating a domino effect. So lets start today

The Circle of Influence on your Business online, summary

So there you have it guys you can see how all these platforms influence our businesses. How they possess the potential to expand and develop our business.

Therefore our engagement and participation causes an online presence and drive traffic, back to your Business products and services.
So lets start engaging in the Circle of Influence guys.
Thank you

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