Starting an online business patience is a virtue | An online presence | Colm McGill

Starting an online business patience is a virtue | An online presence

Starting an online business patience is a virtue | An online presence

Starting an online business patience is a virtue:

This is very true too many people come online just looking for the get quick rich schemes  and ironically spend a lot of time searching.

I would say guys forget about these  get quick rich schemes and start realizing that the whole world of online is a place to build a real career and is a place which will allows you live the lifestyle you want.

Be Patient/ Take your time:

But first you have to be patient and understand that you have to learn the basic and fundamentals of online marketing before you go anywhere.

I know coming online for the first time can be daunting and there are a lot of people trying to profit from your naivety.  So guys listen up first of all before you become a part of any opportunity take your time.

Do not rush into these opportunities they will still be there in a couple of weeks time. I think your first port of call is to start learning the basics of online marketing, learn the terms like SEO SEM keyword search, keyword density, etc.

Then take the time to understand all these new terms and what they mean to the whole world of online marketing. Then after a couple of weeks when you have got a basic understanding    of the terms and what they mean then and only then can you look into different opportunities.

You must remember when you start there is a pretty steep learning curve and there is a lot to take in and understand when you are starting online.

Let us just consider social platforms there quite a few out there and you have to at least understand 4-6 of them very well because you will be engaging in these when you start online.

Irrespective of where you are coming from whether you are a budding affiliate marketer or a local business trying to create that online presence for your business.

Starting online:

You have to start learning about setting up your blog and optimizing it for the search engines getting the correct plug-ins etc. Then once you understand that you have to start producing content and understanding keywords and how to produce quality content.

You have to start using images and using alt text and start shooting informative videos and how to optimize them for the search engine and understand which other platforms you are going to use for your content.

Then you have to start to learn about engagement and what communities you should join to develop your knowledge and to start creating mutually beneficial connections online to help you gain that online presence for you and your business.

There is no denying once you start gaining the understanding of these basic fundamentals that I have touched on; you start gaining the online presence for yourself and your business irrespective which route you have decided to follow.

So guys this is why I say patience is a virtue when starting online because what the so called gurus don’t tell you is that it requires time and effort  and you will have ups and down like anything else. There is a steep learning curve but embrace it take the time to understand the basics and remember it’s not a race take your time.

Don’t be sucked in by these get quick rich schemes, all these opportunities will be there tomorrow;  take your time especially when you are coming online for the first time and learn the basic and investigate any opportunities you see thoroughly.

Free information on Starting online business :

Once you take the time to educate yourself you can take a much more informed decision. Also guys there is a lot of free information and training to get you started online. Which in my opinion is the way to go avail of this training and take a couple of weeks to learn the basics and then apply them on whatever route you take.

Here in my site I offer free training guys which is a step by step guide on the basic of online marketing.

So remember guys  Starting an online business patience is a virtue.



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