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Social Media important or not? | An online presence

social media important or not? | An online presenceSocial Media important or not?

Social media important or not?The short answer guys  is: it is very important, indeed! Everybody online today has a profile in one or more of these social platforms: so straight away you can see, what a vital importance for your business strategy social platforms really are.


If you do not have a social platform, set it up immediately! You have to be a part of this phenomenon and once you’ve joined, you have to engage and interact guys.

Social media

Social media is a very powerful tool indeed for anybody in business. It gives you the platform to get your products and services out there in a fun, friendly and easy way.

Obviously it gives you the capacity to reach your target audience, but the beauty of social media is that it has a domino effect.

For example if someone likes your page all their friends see what they have liked and this creates curiosity in their friends and therefore they come to investigate your products and service they might ‘like’ and become customers. Then again their friends see your page and they investigate and like and also can become your customers:  your reach is expanding all the time.

So this can really snowball or even go viral;  but again if you’re not engaging in the social media platforms there are customers or perspective clients being left out there on the net.

However many businesses fail to understand how to utilize these platforms, much like the way their fail to understand how to utilize a blog or a website discussed in my last post Setting up a Blog for Local Business.

The reason for this point of view is many business use their social media in a very personal way they use their personal page for their business while this is OK to a certain degree you should always have a business page, I see this allot with people using Facebook.

Another thing to be mindful of , is with your business pages you can create communities and interact with people within your specific industries.

A lot of business pages interact with their personal friends who have little or nothing to do with their industry. This is what your personal page is for.

Now of course even though I have mentioned facebook there are many different social platforms out there. I would say you have to be a part of 4 or 5 platforms, remember not to overdo it.

The big advantage of these social platforms is that as I said most people nowadays has one account or more. Therefore you have a ready made audience at your finger tips.

The ones I would recommend are:


  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
  • LinkedIn




Facebook of course has a huge audience and very flexible use and allows you to create a business page. It gives you the options to participate through sharing likes or crating an ad campaign where you can specifically target your audience in the field your products and services are in. Also you can target different demographics. Therefore this makes facebook a potent marketing tool.


A very simple little tool to understand and this is expanding at a faster rate than Facebook did. This is more of a business platform than Facebook its about 50% social and 50 Business.

This is a fantastic way of sharing your blog posts to people in different circles (group).This post goes to their in boxes and if you have attached a Youtube video to your post, people will invariably stay on longer which really help with SEO.


Twitter quite simply your micro blog where you can follow people and competition within your industry. Tweet you blogs and retweet others, here again you are getting invaluable exposure through others retweeting your posts.


Pinterest  allows you to put images and videos of your blog or products and services. This of course is invaluable for products like clothes jewelry pottery etc.

A great social platform to showcase your products and services in a visual way; we as people are becoming more and more visual and remember a picture speaks a thousand words.


The power of Video is increasing by the second especially for SEO and SEM. It really can allow you to make your content credible and it engages people visiting your site and keeps people on your site for longer which is invaluable for SEO. This really is a powerful social platform and it is owned by Google which helps in getting up their pages.


LinkedIn is a very professional platform and you really have to keep it professional. It allows you to connect with you blog or post automatically eliminate any work. You have to be apart of groups interact and engage.

So there we have it guys we have to get involved and active with our social media platforms. These platforms set the seeds of interest in our prospective clients in our opportunities, products and services.

They allow us to drive traffic towards our websites and blogs which in turn we convert into customers. This strategy is completely free it just takes a little of your time.

So get out there and brand yourself along with your products and services.

I hope this answers the original question social media important or not?.

Thank you


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