Social media for small business | An online presence | Colm McGill

Social media for small business | An online presence

Social media for small business | An online presence

Social media for small business:

The Power of social media is on the increase and there are several platforms out there and as a small business we have to be a part of social media.


The reason is it allows  you and your business the  opportunity to increase our customer base and ultimately increase our bottom line. Allied with that fact the Search engines are now taking real notice of social signals so this just reinforce my point.

Social media what is it?

Social media is any platform that allows you share content with other people or users. Therefore it is a social medium that allows you to interact with people all over the world. Social media has massive potential for small business if utilized in the right way.

Today I’m going to highlight the main platforms I use and would recommend for you as a small business. I will highlight these platforms below.

Your Website or Blog :

In my opinion this is the most important platform for you as a small business it is your home on online it is at the very center of your online presence. I speak about this in another post where I explain this in greater detail click here for more information.

You tube :

I don’t produce any material without video guys and you have to have your YouTube channel up and running. Video is becoming one of the most powerful medium out there for information.

When one realizes that YouTube gets 4 billion hits a day under lines this statement. Video allows you to showcase your business and it allows you to deliver quality information to the end user.

It also lend itself nicely to building trust as people can see and hear you. Video also create a buzz like no other medium.

Google + :

This is expanding at a faster rate than Facebook ever did, it is also my favorite social media platform. I would say that Google + is 50% social and 50 business.

It is a great place to make connection and especially for sharing your content which is sent directly to people’s email account who are in your circles.

Facebook :

This is a great social media platform for your small business to get people to interact with your business and material. Facebook also allows you to create add campaigns where you can specifically target people who are interested in your industry through different demographics. Also guys keep in mind Facebook has around a billion users!!!!

Pinterest :

I really like Pinterest it is a fantastic platform to highlight your products in a visual way. You can imagine if you are in the crafts industry for example; Pinterest is definitely for you to showcase your products.

Through pining your products on your boards, also it allows people to repin your product which obviously broadens your online exposure.

Twitter :

This a micro-blog and allows you to follow other influential people within your industry. It is also a great place for making connections with other people within your industry. This is where you can create mutually beneficial relationships, which is vital for any small business.

Concluding Remarks :

There are many more out there I have just highlighted the main ones. Also it is not feasible to maintain all of these accounts. So therefore you pick the ones that are most suited to your small business and ensure you keep them up-to-date. As a small business you have to engage with your social media platforms and apply the correct strategies.

If you are out there and struggling and feel a little intimated by the whole world of social media contact me and I will set you on the correct road. Just put your details in the side bar on the left of this post now.

Remember Guys the importance of Social media for small business:

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