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Small business Website | Is yours performing ?

Small business Website | Is yours performing ?

Small business Website | Is yours performing?

Looking at small business websites recently It is quite evident to me that these sites are not performing.

Equally as I navigated my way through the different site I found their contextual navigation had a lot to be desired. Many of these small business websites were not that informative or educational in short they were not engaging.

This is very worrying especially in such a tough economic climate that business owners of small business have not realized the potential their websites posses. To many owners just do not understand that a website has to perform.

What is performance?

A website has to be driving traffic to your business on an hourly basis.   If designed and marketed correctly it should be responsible for  expanding and developing your business both on and offline.

Your website has the potential to work for you 24/7. At the end of the day guys there are 2.1 billion internet users presently and because you have not your business website optimized to perform for people and the search engines it is nothing more than a shop window.

Most business nowadays have a website but there are not designed or developed for search engine dominance. When you stumble upon most of these website you find that, while they may look visually pleasing; however they they are not engaging.

What I mean here is most small business owners forget to put their own personality on the website. Remember guys it not just about having a few sliders fading in. We have to engage and inform our users.

Yesterday I came across this website and the business had  a fantastic product and their site had loads of images of their work. but  it did not create a relationship with me.

What I mean is this business owner got their website developed with a web designer or a graphic designer, while it looked great and  professional.I felt i didn’t get to meet the owner. It is imperative for any business owners to showcase their personality as well as their business. This simple strategies builds trust and credibility.

Getting back to yesterday observation. The website possessed only one video, which was a major mistake. You have to optimize video to its full potential and utilize it to build and develop your brand online.

It also allows you to give a personal presentation on your product and services. Also keep in mind that you Youtube gets 4 billion hits a day and it is owned by Google.

Produce quality content on a regular basis:

As a businesses you have to ensure that your keeping your customers informed and educated on your product and service. You want to ensure that you are gaining new customers as well as getting repeat customers.

If you produce this content and share it across the social platforms you will therefore broaden your marketing exposure. Also if you apply the correct strategies you will climb the search engines for particular keywords that you should have targeted.

Understand the basics of online marketing:

This is imperative if you have a small business website  guys, as you will understand how to optimize your content correctly. You will have a basic knowledge of SEO and SEM, also you will understand how to create content through text,images and video for to gain a strong online presence.

This basic knowledge will ensure that your website will start performing. Also it will give you the basic understanding of online marketing where you will  be able to ask the correct questions.

Keep your apples with apples and oranges with oranges:

This is very important for the end users experience on your site. Ensure that you keep your related posts together as the user can navigate easily through your site.

This is done through internal linking,I have written a post on contextual navigation which gives you a more in-depth insight. Also if this is done correctly it helps with time on sight which helps with SEO.

Statistics :

Also guys you can monitor your statistics  on your hosting sight, Google analytic’s or a simple plugin like statsurfer. Once you apply these simple strategies above your site will increase its traffic beyond your expectations.

Therefore it is quite clear that you as a business owner have to start realizing the potential that your site posses and start to develop your site the right way.

So in closing I ask you again:

Small business website|is yours performing?

Thank you,




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