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Setting up a blog | An online presence.

Setting up a blog, how am I going to do it?Setting up a Blog | An online presence

Setting up a Blog is not that difficult guys so don’t worry. I have no doubt that you’ve heard all the BS and hype about setting up a blog.

People just trying to make it sound  amazingly difficult to do and justify there “guru” status. The thing that  is most frustration is that we buy into it and believe it.

I think there is something in our society these days, that people like to feel important about what they do. I on the other hand prefer to show you how straightforward and easy it is .

So lets see, how to set up a blog. I know it can be very daunting, especially when you’re new and not very technically minded when faced with the task of setting up a blog  as I was when I started.

I think the worst  feeling I had when I started, that someone like me will never be able to do this and of course I was completely brainwashed and confused with the overload of information and all the smiles and teeth and BS that go with it.

So after that little rant lets get started, setting up a blog. I would say the first two things  you have  to ask yourself when  creating  a blog  are:

    1. Have I a real Passion for this subject?
    2. Will others have  a passion for it too?


Once  you answered yes to these, you can get started on that blog.

Setting up a blog with Colm

First guys, you have to get a hosting website. This is where your website is stored. There are two options here hosting platform or self hosting. The hosting platform does all the maintenance for you and with the self hosting option, it is your responsibility to maintain.

The hosting platform is very simple to use its as easy a drag and drop. However the self hosting is a little bit more difficult and the grand scheme of things it quite easy.

What I did initially was set up a blog with if was free.A fantastic tool especially for me who was new and needed to learn. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to set up my very own blog.

There I was an hour later couldn’t believe it. Was it that easy? Answer yes: so don’t panic, just do it. So I used this site to experiment how to post my content how to upload images and videos.

By now  I was starting to learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and as time was passing I kept hearing about self hosting and I started to investigate  it. I went to Go daddy bought my domain and set up a hosting account with Hostgator.

The reason for choosing these two were as I was doing my investigation these were the two names that kept coming up: while there are several providers these are the two I went with.

I also use  a publishing platform where you can find on you hostgator c panel. This is very flexible and easy tool to use.

Steps to setting up a Blog.

So now that I have been through the process I would recommend that you go with the self hosting it is undoubtedly the better of the two options as it allows the flexibility to customize you blog which is essential as your business grows.

Some people may be going down different avenues for example Affiliate marketing, Network marketing or even a local business. There are different themes and set ups which will work better for any of these routes so go with the self hosting option from the get-go.

Now don’t be phased it’s pretty straight forward to set up a blog and if someone like me can manage it, you surely will and remember these applications are designed for people therefore there designed to be user friendly. So keep it simple simple guys.

So Colm, where do I go to set up my blog?

  • Set up an account with Godaddy to get your domain
  • Setup an account with Hostgator.
  • Get familiar with your c panel on host gator
  • Install Word Press
  • Get familiar with your WordPress dashboard
  • Customize your WordPress
  • Start creating Quality Content.

There is your answer to; setting up a blog, how am I going to do it?
Happy blogging!!!!!
So let’s go, let’s start on setting up a blog.

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