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Setting up a blog for local Business | An online presence

setting up a blog for local business | An online presence

Setting up a blog for local business:

It  is essential as we all know but I think many of us out there get it wrong; when it to comes to understanding, why we set up a blog or a website?

Many local businesses set up a blog or website to have an online presence and they follow the trend of having a website for your business. Without asking what are the real advantages of having this weapon in your business artillery?

The question I have is what is your website or blog doing for you? Are you utilizing the power it possesses or are you leaving this as a sleeping giant where people go after visiting your business physically.

This I think is the case for many local businesses; there are not using or utilizing this power tool in the correct manner. What I mean is many local businesses go to get their website created and once online that’s it; the company has its presence.Therefore forgetting the real potential that a blog or website possess.

This approach means you have an online presence. However this is not a real presence as your blog or website is not seen; as you are languishing somewhere down the pages on Google. What I mean is when setting up a blog or website your main focus as a local business is to capture customers online.

The day of waiting for customers to come in off the street or by a little advertising here and there is well and truly gone and as local businesses we have to get with the program and understand we have to become proactive and aggressive in our campaigns and highlight the value and the experiences we offer in our respective industries to our customers.

So we have to understand that we have to target our customers online. As a business we have to have our website or blog seen, our products and services need to be highlighted so we can create custom and expand our business and develop our brand online.

The problem is when our website is developed it looks fantastic images videos nice graphics cool little widgets etc. So we automatically think this is wonderful what a beautiful website. The thing we have to understand that this has no great impact at all, we need our website or blogs to perform.

We have to understand that when people who are our prospective customers come online with a query about a topic that is related to our industry or interest that it is our website or blog appears in the search engine with the answer.

Now do you see where I’m going with this? Let’s take a very simple example I own a restaurant in London which is a sea food restaurant and someone comes to Google looking for a restaurant but not any restaurant a sea food restaurant in London.

If I have not targeted this long tail keyword correctly with my blog or website I lose this customer even though I have a wonderful website with fantastic graphics widgets etc but see guys it’s not doing its job.

Now I know that’s a simple example, but you have to be aware that to utilize your online presence you have to get someone that knows what they’re doing when it comes to online marketing because no longer do traditional means work the way they used to. In order to get customers buying your products and services.

I’m not here to depress you there is unbelievable opportunity out there and you have a bigger audience than ever before to target you just need to use the tools at you disposal the right way.

So when your speaking to the company or the person that set up your blog or website ask then on how they are going to make your site work to capture customers from the get go.

Do a little research with me on SEO (search engine optimization) SEM (search engine marketing) long tail key words and keyword density etc. You don’t have to worry as this blog will address all these terms.

So guys I hope this has helped you understand that your website or blog are really power tools in ensuring and creating a successful business. The fact is if your website or blog is utilized in the correct manner it can be the main driving force behind customer capture and retention.

So that’s it guys; some food for thought when setting up a blog for local business.
Thanks you.

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