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SEO Tips for Small Business Owner | Marketing for Small Businesses

SEO Tips for Small Business Owner | Marketing for Small Business

SEO Tips for Small Business Owner

There is no doubt that many small business owners do not know what SEO is, not mention leveraging it to drive potential customers to their Business.

Too many of us in small business are not utilizing the power of the net as small business owners. We the small business owner may have a limited budget but that does not mean we cannot carve out a piece of the pie through SEO. It may cost us time not money but it may well be the best time you will spend on your business.

So what does SEO stand for?? SEO= Search Engine Optimization. It basically means optimizing your website for the search engines; otherwise you will not get found. We as small business owners have to realize that a having a website does not mean you will gain customers from it.

I bet most of you out there has a business website yet you are not getting customers?? Is this you? This make sense guys a website is just a shop window and will not go out and get people to come back to your shop. In comparison if you have an optimized site it will fill your “shop”. OK OK now I will give you some SEO tips for your small business.


Quite simply everything we do here online is based on Keywords and Keyword phrases. Just think about it if we go to the search engines to find information on a particular topic we type in keywords. So you as a small business owner have to understand your customers and industry and think what do my customers want? Also what do they type in to the search engines to find my products services. Therefore you have to target the correct keywords and always keep in mind it is better to target long tail keywords. Then build content around your key word phrase through Blogging.


Many small business owners do not realize that images are very important when it comes to your SEO effort. You have to understand that images speak a thousand words and capture the imagination. With this knowledge guys you have to use quality images of your products or services and ensure that they are optimized with the correct keywords, so that you can drive traffic to your website through your images.


Yes guys we as small business owners have to get in front of the camera. From a SEO point of view video is an engaging medium and keeps potential customers on your site for much longer than a site void of video. Time on site is a big indicator of relevance to the search engines therefore is it of the utmost importance that your site has video. Also as we know video lends itself to credulity trust and awareness like no other medium.

Social media

Embrace social media, integrate in to your website and share your material across your platforms. This will broaden your marketing net and reach people you may not have reached otherwise. Also guys you have to be aware that the powers of social signals are growing. Therefore it is important to produce quality content in order to get people liking tweeting ++ and sharing your material.

Closing remarks on SEO Tips for Small Business Owner

So that’s it from me guys today, I want you to realize that it is just not enough to have a website to gain customers. We need to produce content and optimize it for the search engines and follow the tips I outline above. So no you have a starting point get started. Also I hope you enjoyed my post today “SEO Tips for Small Business Owner”

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