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SEO Services for Business

SEO Services for Business

seo services by Colm McGill

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As every business is now is looking for the SEO services, either an SEO service company or any seo expert to help take their business in the next step, I decided to write this blog and a Google Hangout video as you can see below so that business owners should know how to get the best company for that job.

SEO services Importance

As we all know that SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is a term that stands for all the works that someone can do on their website/webpages and off pages to create backlinks and citations around the web. The Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo rank websites based on the relevance and reputation. Any webpage before considered as a relevant and reputable, it should have a good quality of links from other sources (Websites), though other factors like social signals and user experience follow, Link On page and Off page optimization is always regarded as the number one action you have to take.

If your website is optimized for search engines but you are not ranking for most of keywords that your potential clients are searching, your SEO services provider did not do the works that were supposed to be done.

With a proper optimization you will first rank in the local pack and your direction shown on the map. This will help you if you are offering your services in a local area, but also the more you optimize you will start ranking on organic results as this results page for a term “plumbers dublin”

I will be showing you the ranking of some of the companies that I am working with later on, because I believe its very important that any marketing company that offers SEO services should show you what businesses they have helped rank on the competitive keywords before you opt working with them.

SEO services by Colm McGill

Now you have seen the screenshot above, here below I will walk you through some of the businesses that I am working with, you will see their rankings and the keywords they are ranking for. You can go later on your browser and prove it yourself.

Colm McGill SEO

The first screenshot as you can see is the ranking of the company we have helped to get online.

The company is Abatis Dublin Tree Services owned by Padd Lyne. The company was in a serious need to go online as even all competitors had gone online and he was left offline alone. So he was in need of having a website and online promotion tools that will make his company survive and become strong again.

We designed their website and did Search engine Optimization for his company. We have taken two keywords to highlight “dublin tree surgeon company” and “dublin tree services company”

The results of Our SEO services:

They are ranking number one in the park and number two on organic results. Our results speak, so your company should show you their works before you go with them.

Portfolio 2

SEO services proof, Colm McGill

Here is another screenshot of another company, Carraig Liath House. Due to limited space of the screenshot, we could not take the whole page to include the organic results. But for a local business, showing up on the local pack and map especially for accommodation or B&B is a great deal, as people tend to book from there.

With our selected keywords, “accommodation valentia island”, “valentia island accomodation” and “accommodation portmagee” they are ranking number one and number two on the pack. Our SEO services results speak volume.

If you want to rank your business for the competitive keywords and get business online, consider sourcing the good SEO services company

Portifolio 3

SEO services portifolio, Colm McGill

This is the screenshot for the results of Skellig Michael Cruises company. We offered then website design service, search engine optimization and conversion optimization.

The SEO services Results:

They are ranking on top of local pack and map, they are ranking on organic results and ranking on the video section. We have got them ranking on all major search terms for the area they are serving.

I am not going to speak about all the portfolio we have on our website as we have ranked most keywords/terms for our businesses, please visit this page and see other the results, not all, but check out our SEO services proof

As we do online marketing, the only challenge is not ranking, but also getting the traffic to your website or sales page. That’s why any company will try to measure the results of their works in terms of visits, and we go further to measure the conversion for most of businesses we manage their online presence.

Local SEO services results

Here below is the screenshots of our clients’ results that we took back in march. In the screenshots above you will be able to see the people who see and visit their websites.

Local seo results, Colm McGill

You can see more than 40,000 people saw this local business within a month. The essence of being online is to be able to sell your products/services. To be able to sell you need traffic, we don’t just rank your business but also make sure you get visitors.

local SEO results Colm McGill

You can also see the Kerry Cliffs Portmagee. They are racking more than 15 thousand views a month, more than 60% from search.

As I said earlier you can visit the local business results page to see our results we have already uploaded there.

Goals of SEO services to every business

So guys basically the SEO services delivered to your business should have an impact in the following areas.

Ranking on the search engine results page

It’s vital that as you have decided to go online, someone somewhere searching for something you offer must see your business. What I mean here is you are selling/offering plumbing services in Dublin area. If someone from Dublin is searching for terms like “dublin plumbers”, “plumbers dublin”, “dublin plumbing company/service” or some other keywords, you must show up on the results page.

The first place you must rank is on the Google local pack that shows the listing and the map to your business.

Services like plumbing are the emergence services most of the time, so if you are found here its very easy for you to get business, as people may ring you straight away even without visiting your webpage.

But also they might try to drive to your establishment as they see the directions. So make the best use of the opportunity.

ranking on local pack Colm McGill

The second place you need to show up is in the Google organic search.

This is a list of results that appears just below the local pack. Here it takes time and more effort as it will depend on many factors including the competition out there and your website reputation. We can help you get there and make sales.

You can see the screenshot below, actually I could not take the full 10 results on first page, but it shows how its important to rank there.

The good thing is that, if you are ranking on local pack and on organic results, your business should be healthy…talk to us.

Colm McGill Organic ranking seo

Increase Website Visitors

As I said earlier, the goal of getting online is to make sales, to make sales you will need to rank or be shown in front of the potential clients who will get in your website and eventually make contact with you for services.

We do help business spread the word out by helping optimizing the clients google plus pages as you have seen some screenshots above, some businesses like Skellig Michael Cruises gets more than 49% of total views from google plus page that we created and optimized.

We can talk more about traffic acquisition tactics in the future post as well, so do not worry now. Also we have social Media Marketing packages that will help your business gain exposure and make sales even before your seo starts bringing results.

Conversion Optimization

We help our clients with optimizing their sales funnels and get great conversion of the total visitors that land on their website.

The reason for this is, most businesses suffer on their abilities to convert the number of visitors they get into real buyers. If you work with us, we work hand in hand with you to make sure your traffic don’t end up visiting and leaving your site.

Need a call now?, just ring us to discuss. Call Colm on 087 9772200 or skype colm.mcgill

I hope my post and a hang out video has highlighted what we do, and the results have been shown. Whether you are using another seo company or you are planning to start its vital that you see and prove what they say they do.

Also one more last thing you must make sure before starting an seo campaign, the SEO services company should provide an analysis and a plan so that you can know what keywords are you going to be ranking, the potential for business but also the current ranking status so that at the end you can measure if there is really an potential progress.

As I click on publish button now, Its the start of a new post that I will be talking about web design best practices you should consider if you really want to make your website a sales tool. Dont forget to call to discuss the seo services that we can offer to you and double your revenue.

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