SEO for small/local business tips | An online presence | Colm McGill

SEO for small/local business tips | An online presence

SEO for small/local business tips | An online presence

SEO for Small/local business tips:

SEO for small/local business, I can’t stress enough the  importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  for local business. I have said in several other posts that there is no point having a website and a marketing strategy without SEO at the very core of your online marketing strategy.

Here in this post I am going to outline some simple SEO tips that you can start applying immediately. So lets get started on my SEO tips


Have quality content in your website:

I have said on numerous times that content is king and many more experts agree. It is quite simple guys, too many websites out there by small/local businesses are void of content; quite simply guys start producing quality content.

Engage and inform:

Once your are producing the content in the right way here, the end users will engage with your content. Therefore ensure that your content informs and educates your target audience.

Always keep in mind that you have to add value to the end users experience and one of your objectives here is to become the one stop shop for all your end users needs irrespective of what industry you are in.

The power of Video and Images :

Keep in mind guys no matter what content you produce always add a video and images to it. This little strategy is very powerful when it comes to SEO. People who are online nowadays guys do not read they scan and are much more likely to watch a video. Just think of your own behavior.

Also use Images here and remember a picture speaks a thousand words they can grab ones attention and create motivation. So like video there are simple strategies to optimize both to increase your visibility and both are fantastic tools for SEO.

Share on Social Media Platforms:

This is becoming more and more important to the search engines guys I hear you say what ? well social signals. Social signals are when people like, re-tweet,  share, Google +, etc your content guys. The search engines consider this as important and it makes sense when you think about.

At the end of the day Search engines answer questions asked by people; therefore if people are like re-tweeting etc they are endorsing your content.

This helps with your SEO efforts, so if you are a small/local business and do not have any less than 5 of these platforms or you are doing yourself a huge disservice.

Final SEO tips for small/local businesses:

Ok guys I have outlined some simple tips for you above. I would also say the reason the the quality content works so well it gives the end-user the correct answer they were looking for; which will ensure they will have a quality experience on your site.

Once you incorporate video you increase your increase time on site dramatically which is a huge factor when it comes to SEO.

If people are staying on your site this indicates your relevance to the question being asked through search and therefore increases your credibility with the search engines.

Another thing to be aware of guys is never never buy backlinks, let them develop naturally. If you produce the content on a regular basis these will happen organically as you climb up the search engines.

Closing remarks for small/local businesses:

No longer can we  as small/local business owners guys ignore SEO strategies to increase our presence online. A website void of quality content is really a waste of money guys. But if your site is optimized in the right way for the search engines it possess enormous potential for your business. It could be the main reason which decides the success  or failure of your business. So get out there and practice this simple tips in this post:

SEO for small/local business tips

Thank you,


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