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SEO for small business | An online presence

SEO for small business | An online presence

SEO for small business:

SEO is of the utmost importance for small business to expand and develop, when it comes to gaining that online presence.

The reason you want your website or blog optimized for the search engines is so that you can divert traffic that is online to your website. This allows you showcase your products or service or business. We as a small business want capture this traffic and turn them into customers which will therefore expand our business.

When we consider that there is 2.1 billion internet user we quickly realize there is a lot of potential customers out there for our businesses irrespective of what industry we are in. I will discuss SEO for small business under the different headings highlighted below.

Engaging Website:

Ensure that you are producing quality content on a regular basis and that it is beneficial for the end user to to interact with your site. Make sure that your content is engaging and informative as well as educational.

Site structure: 

Make sure that your site is easily navigable and that you have internal links within your posts. Ensure that your title tags and alt tags are optimized. Keep your site simple and always keep in mind your load speed is important.

Back links :

First things first don’t buy back links this is a killer  as it leaves a footprint of manipulation. So just produce quality content on a regular basis and the links will grow naturally. Back links are not as important as they once were.

Social Signals:

Make sure that you set up your social platform accounts, the reason is that social signals are becoming more and more important with every passing day when it comes to SEO.

Therefore it is very important to get your material shared liked re-tweeted or Google +ed.

Keywords and LSI :

When writing your content ensure that you are using your keywords throughout your piece. Also ensure that you are using words related to the key words, this is what we call LSI. Lsi  example: lsi for the words dog training = canine, pup, puppy, kennel dog lead etc.

Content Sharing :

Content sharing is very important every small business has to have all there platforms up to date and share your content on a regular basis to ensure your business broadens its marketing net. You have to share your content on the platforms for example google+ youtube pinterest twitter and facebook plus many more.

Follow these SEO tips:

So if you follow these steps above this will really optimize your business for the search engines guys. I think too many business believe that once they have a website that is there online presence secured not so.

As a small business you have to ensure your site is optimized and that you are producing content that is optimized for both search engines and people.

You have to produce quality content on a regular basis to ensure people spend time on your site. Obviously video is a powerful medium for this to keep the end user engaged for longer. Time on site is very important for SEO indeed.

Another thing small business owners should ensure that their consultant is producing reports on a monthly basis where they can see how the whole optimizing procedure is working.

Remember if you optimize your business site for the search engines you will start driving more traffic to your site. Which will in turn give you more customers to help develop and expand your business.

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