SEO essential for small Business | An online presence | Colm McGill

SEO essential for small Business | An online presence

SEO essential for small Business | An online presence

SEO is essential for Small business:

SEO (Search engine optimization)  is an essential online marketing strategy for any small business irrespective of what industry you are in.  At the end of the day we all turn to the internet now days for any query we have.

It is estimated that there are 2.1 billion internet users and this number is on the increase; With this figure in mind you can quite easily see why we need to optimize our site for the search engines.

Why SEO your business website :

SEO is where we optimize our website for the search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo just to name a few. Keep in mind Google is king it commands around 80% of all searches done online.

So we as small business are going to produce content targeting specific keyword phrases and optimize our content through various marketing strategies to ensure that we arrive at the top of the search engines.

Let us consider if someone goes to the search engines and types in a particular keyword phrase. The search engines returns with the relevant  site to the end user.

Therefore it is our interest to understand SEO and target specific keyword phrases to get our small business to the top of search engines. This will have a positive impact on our business indeed.

SEO reach the masses :

There is 2.1 billion internet users today and its increasing, therefore there is a lot of traffic out there for our small businesses. If  you take the time to understand SEO or hire a SEO consultant to help us get our businesses to the top of  the search engines. When you think of that number of internet users there is millions and millions of potential customers logging on every day. This is a large pool for us to tap into with the correct SEO strategy.


Target the traffic with SEO :

Once you apply a targeted SEO strategy your business will focus in on a highly targeted audience. Once you are targeting the correct Keyword phrases, when potential customers come to the search engines with a query once you are optimized correctly your site will appear at the top.

So if this is the case you can imagine how much traffic will be driven to your site. This traffic will possess many potential customers once you have your site optimized for the end users and allow for engagement.


SEO increases exposure :

I’m stating the obvious here but it needs to be said. SEO is by far the best strategy to gain online exposure for your small business.  If we have the correct SEO strategy we will climb the page rankings which is known as SERP.

As we are climbing the SERP for a particular keyword phrase, this is highly targeted traffic which will therefore lead to higher conversion rates for our small business.


Monitor our SEO effort :

This is quite easily done however it is very important to monitor our SEO effort. Once we are monitoring our traffic from the search engines and our conversion rates in proportion to traffic captured. Therefore once you monitor the traffic, conversion rates, leads etc, you can see what’s working and tailor your SEO efforts in order to improve.

SEO drives traffic :

SEO is undoubtedly is where you get your website or blog to perform and drive traffic to your business and as you can imagine the potential here online is limitless. If you apply the correct SEO strategy this will allow you to build and develop your business irrespective of what industry you are in.

To many small business have not realized the potential of the net, so if you’re a small business owner who has a website stop spending money to make it looking good. You have to start Optimizing it for the search engines and it has to be integral part of your business growth.

If you need help enter your information in the side bar today.

Keep in mind SEO is essential for small business.


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