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Ranking vs. Traffic vs. Conversion | Internet Marketing tips

Ranking vs. Traffic vs. Conversion

Ranking vs. Traffic vs. Conversion: Three world marketing wars |Internet Marketing tips

Every business, small or big, client base is the most important thing to them. No one want to close their store, but every business understand that without a constant flow of clients, possibly the business will go down and eventually go out of business.

So what website owners need? Is it a better ranking in Google, traffic or conversion?

I know it’s a steady flow of customers, but what gives them more value?

Being a digital marketing consultant I have met many people and hundreds of questions regarding their online business, how to create a great online presence and eventually benefit from this booming internet era.

I will explain in details here, one after another and let the business owners and potential businesses clearly understand what’s more important and how they can start.

Great Ranking in search engines is everyone’s dream, but what a better ranking will bring in your business if you are ranking to keyword phrases (simply service search terms) that has a very lower number of searches at all?

But maybe I am ranking at the top with a keyword that has a thousand searches, those searches are generic and when the potential clients come at my site they need more specificity that I don’t have, what’s the benefit of such ranking?

But again Inno is trying to rank for a term “Shoes”, Hazard is trying to rank for “Men’s Shoes”, Paul is trying to rank for a term “Black leather men’s shoes”, Colm is trying to rank for “Khan’s black leather men’s shoes”. While all the searches have a big number of searches, they will have different traffic and different conversion as their searches are different. It’s not that the one with less searches has the lowest conversion, for this case it’s totally different. Let’s start.

People have it wrong when it comes to internet marketing.

People have it wrong when it comes to internet marketing, I think they lack the understanding of the basics, while they know a lot about offline marketing, they think internet is different and has different customer requirement prior purchase, I think it’s the same.

Internet is not complicated, but with buyers and sellers around the world it’s not easy for your website to stand out in the searches if you don’t find the gap and fill it, find the basics and explore and present the potential clients with what they are searching a moment they click on your website link.

Ranking vs. Traffic vs. Conversion, Three world marketing wars. What matters the most in internet marketing?

Ranking in search engines

Page ranking| Internet marketing tips

I have written webpage in contrast with website for a few reasons, the big reason behind this is that its potential ranking a service page that has the service that people are searching for than our www.example.com that has fewer chance of taking a potential client to this page www.example.com/webpage-examples

Many business owners are confused especially when they meet the marketing guys who claim they can help their website rank higher in the search engines. They are confused because they need a better ranking, but what ranking do they need?

 I met a business owner who wanted to rank for the keyword “safari” among many other pre written list of keywords as he is a safari operator in Tanzania, East Africa.

This kind of businessman has an idea of what ranking is and has an idea that ranking better would bring him great business. What he’s not aware is, what keyword phrases should I be ranking for? What are my potential clients looking for?

It’s easy to think that we need to rank in search engines to bring results, but the reality is that we are ranking for our clients, do not ever try ranking for a certain keyword phrase that do not represent what you offer or a keyword that your potential clients never use when searching the services you offer.

With our title in today’s post, “Ranking vs. Traffic vs. Conversion”

With our title in today’s post, “Ranking vs. Traffic vs. Conversion”, I want to show you how these three different words are interconnected , especially the ranking can affect the others and vice versa.

Let’s use these words and understand better what we have to do


Men’s Shoes

Black leather men’s shoes

Khan’s black leather men’s shoes

Looking at the words and phrases above, it’s clear that Inno who is a business owner at Inno Boutique Men’s Outfit will like to be ranking for those keywords.

He will be looking for a digital marketing consultant that can help his business grow and get loads of traffic from the internet organic searches and make sales for his store.

What keywords should he give the highest priority?

“Shoes”. He should never consider this keyword especially if what he does is selling shoes not manufacturing, or if he is not one of the biggest shoes distributors.

Ranking vs. Traffic vs. Conversion

Look at the search of the term “Shoes”, would you compete?

The issues with this is that he is going to be competing thousands if not million business around this keyword, no matter how the progression of the keyword ranking can be, he will never rock on first page within few years as he is competing with:

  • Shoes manufacturing companies like Adidas
  • Shoes distribution companies like The Jay Group
  • Biggest retails sites like Amazon

Its unlikely that he will ever defeat the competition that is dominating the upper pages, so he should never go after it at all.

Men’s Shoes. Here he has started to understand what he has to offer, though he should also never try this as the screen shot show.

He will be buried in million results dominated by big companies that are reputable and are big brands, so no way he is going to make business out of that term

Also on the searcher’s intent, When Kakaa comes to Inno’s website, the keyword hasn’t fulfilled Kakaa’s intent, Kakaa does not need to learn about men’s shoes, he want shoes he can buy, so the possibility of clicking back is high as he needs a direct page of what he thinks, even if he typed men’s shoes…think at the last margin level of your potential clients, and offer that.

Ranking vs. Traffic vs. Conversion marketing tips

Men’s shoes as a search term and your keyword target is not enough, go deeper

Black leather men’s shoes This now becoming  the potent term, possibly Kakaa is looking for black leather men’s shoes, now is a real understanding of your customer comes in. As long there is never a great correlation between the number of web visitors that clicks on your website and those who purchase don’t let people click back because they never found what they were looking for.

Here Kakaa is happy he has been taken to the page of black leather men’s shoes, he might buy, but what if he only needed a specific brand like Khan??

Khan’s black leather men’s shoes The game goes on, Kakaa was looking for a specific brand, then If Inno does not sell this there is a possibility that the he will lose out on this lead, so you see guys all you need when choosing which keyword to rank for is specifically what you are selling.

I know it’s not easy as the budget constraint considered, but there’s no better value in trying ranking for more generic words while you will never appear on the upper page and even if you do, there is a possibility that you won’t convert the lead as they might be looking for specific item.

There is many ways of crafting the high converting keywords but also the better ranking keyword possibilities out there, do not limit your chances.

Where can I find out what keywords should I rank for?

My answer is that simple, your services/products are your keywords…no more; if you have a budget for promoting your brand you can go much generic.

Here are some best ways of understanding what keywords to go after:

Your services/your products = your keywords

If you are selling shoes…your description (Colour, brand, laced or not, men or not etc) ie Khan’s black leather men’s shoes

If you are selling tours (destination+ nature of tour+ attraction) ie Serengeti migration camping safari

Keyword planner and other Sources like Ubersuggest tools

These tools will not only show you how many keywords are searched monthly, but also for Ubersuggest will give you ideas of your keywords depending on several searches around the web

Ranking vs. Traffic vs. Conversion internet marketing tips

A screenshot from Ubersuggest when I searched Tanzania Safari tours

Google similar searches

When you are searching for a particular tem, you will be given suggestion that other users looked for these terms, do not ignore them. Those are real people looking for real products.

internet marketing tips

This searches related section gives you great ideas on what Keywords people might be searching for.

The important thing in internet marketing is to be testing the metrics and results of every campaign you are up participating in, while these tools I have said here above work best for me and for our clients, you need to run a research for your industry and you will succeed.

Also I know some might be wondering and saying If I concentrate on specific items, how will I sell? why does it appear most people searches run on generic searches.

The answer is you are right, but do not spend your valued budget on something that not going to convert, as I said it’s very important that you focus on specific for sales purpose as if you go generic in other industry as you saw above you won’t even get on page one in near years, so how much budget do you have?

I would suggest If you are going after ten keywords, at least 6 should be specific and other maybe generic but more targeted as you would like to build brand by only showing up on searches, keep in mind it’s not easy to go on upper pages for generic keywords and it’s not easy to make sales with them either.


What’s Website traffic and how to get targeted traffic from organic search? Internet marketing Tips.

Guys thank you for reading the whole first section that was speaking about ranking in search engines, now it’s the section on Traffic. Hopefully you like me; through digital marketing training I always heard that traffic is the life of your website.

I want to speak about website traffic for any business, talk about the organic as we have other articles talking about other sources of traffic, If you haven’t read them, its okay let me give you a brief explanation of major different types of website traffic by sources.

Also this graph below courtesy of Conductor will give us great understanding of types of website traffic and the main source of traffic an average website depend on.

1. Organic Traffic (Organic Search)| Internet marketing tips

This is the main type of website traffic everyone depends on. While someone might be having less organic and higher in other sources but the reality is, the people who find you organically are the people in need of the services/products you offer, hence are likely to do a purchase.

internet marketing tips for you

The graph by conductor

Organic traffic

Organic traffic is that traffic that comes from a person who goes in the search box and search for what they want.

If I go on my browser and type Khan’s black leather men’s shoes, and go to any of the websites that will be listed on search engine result page… that’s an organic traffic to that website.

Organic traffic is the highest source of traffic as you can see from the research graph above, that’s why were talking about keyword above, that’s why you have heard about search engine optimization…they are all talking about organic traffic.

Every business online is working hard to improve the visibility (Online presence) in the search engines, as they know organic traffic is the biggest and actually shows how competitive your business is. Name any big business that has a poor online presence.

2. Direct Traffic

I think everyone has a brand that they know and they visit their website directly. If you once did that, that’s direct traffic, its not through search, you just type in their website or their name if you have been visiting their website most of the time.

This kind of traffic is very important as well and account about 29% of total website traffic as you can see from the image.

If your brand is big and known as Google, Coca-Cola, Arsenal or Facebook you might even get direct traffic more than 60% of total traffic, but is even lower than 1% for businesses that haven’t built the name out there, or new businesses.

marketing tips

So Direct is powerful, but you need a recognized brand to benefit from this.

3. Referral Traffic, the courtesy of Web citations, Mentions and loads of  links.

If you are lucky enough to get a visitor from other websites, that’s known as referral traffic. It might be from the link building strategies you have in place such as listings to social bookmarking sites, your local directories, article submission sites, industry listings etc

If you know anything about SEO, then you know what’s referral traffic, as what seo does is sending out your website links by the strategy of mentions, listing, blog commenting anchor texts etc.

But you need to be careful about this, if you need traffic from referral visits, make sure your listing appear in industry related listings or local directories as they can send you relevant and targeted traffic.

This traffic is always not big as it will depend on your listing and the nature of traffic on that website where you are listed. Also will depend on the anchor text or the word directing them to your website

4. Social Traffic, the courtesy of Social media

This is one of the biggest sources of traffic for other business while it’s the lowest to other, as it all depends on nature of your industry and the fan base you have around your social media channels.

If you run a media/news business like a newspaper, radio or TV, your website can get loads of traffic from this source as all you need is to have a fan base and be posting news worthy

The companies like Upworthy get loads of traffic from this source as they are doing their best in what they post on their website that has the best headings to let the followers click on the link

Its different from other industry as you know people are not much interested in reading what they are not interested in, but can read news worth heading

As we all know if its Facebook it just comes to your fans through newsfeed, so the art is, is that feed important for them to click, I agree that it will differ from industry, but in whatever industry you are there is a chance you can learn the basics of social media marketing.

Instead of using only texts, you can use eye catching image with the description

And instead of telling them what it is, you can let them learn more by clicking i.e.

  • Not: Khan is the best men’s shoe brand
  • But: This invention is what makes Khan the best men’s shoe brand…here you create curiosity to see the invention.

Paid Traffic to your website

I am not going to go through this today as you all know its advertisement based, through Google AdWords for example

If you have budget find the qualified Google AdWords professional to set and manage your plan, unless otherwise you might end up getting nothing while you losing money every day.

I think Innocent from www.colmmcgill.com will bring you a guide to Google AdWords here very soon, though its on request.

Of course it’s the least source of traffic as less people will click on advertisement compared to organic search results.

marketing tips for business owners

Conductor explains traffic distribution by industry here

Guys lets go back to the Subject about the whole matter of Traffic. After we saw that we need keywords that will bring us visitors to the website (traffic) and eventually turn them to buyers, we need to understand clearly what traffic we need.

What is Quality Targeted Traffic for your website

We need traffic to our website as having website traffic is a means of increasing the possibility of sales, if conversation rate depends on the number of visitors you get.

But what matters really is the quality of the traffic you have, look you get a thousand visitors every day and you end up with 2 signups for your newsletter, or quote request, that’s not good as if you are selling a low margin product you will never benefit from such kind of traffic.

That’s why we need our first section (Ranking) to be great as you can appreciate if you are ranking better you need to get many web visitors, but that’s not enough, are the visitors you get going to buy what you offer?

We need to rank better on keywords that bring quality targeted traffic for simple explanation then. That’s why you are having a website, so If you are selling some certain brands of shoes it’s not a good idea to rank for a keyword “shoes” because of the following:

  • The user is probably searching to see some brands but not buying, because if he was buying he would be more specific, at least say “men’s shoes” or “men’s shoes sellers
  • But also the user might be learning something about shoes, or just want to know the new brand releases
  • Also there is a possibility that the user may come to your website and find out you don’t sell what he wanted, maybe he wanted a local made but never specified before
  • But how are you going to rank with such competition

Having at least the understanding of the basics before you start a campaign, will serve your time and money well.

Here now we understand that our valuable traffic is that are likely to be converted, that’s why we need to target them from the search directly by specifying what is in our website, by clicking there users already know that I am going to get this product/service here

  • Do not give your website users a reason to go back and research more
  • Do not give them an option to ever think that your website is irrelevant by clicking back the moment they entered your website
  • Do not ever target anyone for the sake of presence, as other metrics like bounce rate will hurt your presence, bring the best traffic

I know you wouldn’t like seeing someone in your shoes shop looking for something you don’t offer, but that’s not a big problem, the biggest problem is when they come thinking you offer what they need and find out you don’t, people will think you’re not relevant.

Google keeps that in consideration, especially when your web visitors keep clicking back from your website, so your driven traffic can also hurt your presence if the traffic is not quality and targeted.

Now let’s speak a little on Section three, Conversion for your Online presence success


Conversion simply is the number of potentials buyers that go on to accomplish the process and purchase. For a website we have many kinds of conversion but what we talk about here is the number of converted clients from your traffic.

As we have seen in the previous sections, all strategies and campaigns that are made online is to ensure that you make sales. This means that whatever we do online is to make sure we convert some if not all of our website visitors.

If they came organically, through the searching process, they are likely in need of the services; did the search engines blind them by presenting your website in the list?

If no, we all must understand why they came to our website, and of course how they came. If they were searching for a specific item like Khan’s black leather men’s shoes…they are likely to convert and buy the shoes if they find the right one.

There is no need of fooling your potential clients, if they just got your website in a list of results brought by the search engines that you offer something, just present it.

Even before I knew digital marketing whenever I did a search, I used to click on webpage that showed what I was searching on the description area, or on the direct page like here:

tips on marketing

For you to drive quality traffic that would make a sale, you need to understand what people are searching and show them a specific page to such searches. If you see at ebay.co.uk above, you understand clearly that the page I will click on will be containing what I put in the search box. This way you won’t disappoint your web visitors but they will trust you and do business with you.

That will be a first step in making your potential clients a better feel of your website when they find what they were looking for.

Whenever you have a campaign, it might be search engine optimization, it might be Google AdWords its very important that the potential clients be targeted for a specific item, and that specific item be presented to them the moment they click on your website

There is a wrong myth around the marketing guys, they think it’s better to bring potential clients to homepage or on webpage that contains loads of items for them to choose, while it may work, but the truth is it may work for only those who did a generic search, for those with a specific search, you may end up losing them.

If someone is searching for Khan’s black leather men’s shoes…why show them others? Do you think a person that smart enough to go that specific has time to lose?

Also good news is that, people who go online to search for more specific items are people who need them, as they might have already done required research what they need now is a purchase place, that’s all. Also they are always in hurry, no time to lose; they are likely to click back if you don’t provide what they searched for.

Other Important factors for conversion, of course the factors that may bring more sales from the traffic you get are:

Be Clear and Honesty

For whatever you promise them, be clear and open, do not fool them to go through different steps to make a purchase, If you tell them click here to view samples, show them the samples

Care about their time

You know we all go online when we need something. We don’t have hours to spend on website looking for what we want, rather we want to write specifically what we need and be taken to the website/webpage that offers what we need.

Treat them as you would like to be treated.

Trustworthy building

Make them to trust you and eventually turn them to be your loyal fans. This is mainly done after presenting what they needed and before they leave you anticipate what else they would need and show them where to find them.

Make sure you show them support and less demanding to tell them click here to buy, but instead you can ask them to sign up to keep updated by new release from their loved brands, they will thank you.

Be Simple and present Options

There is nothing people hate than forcing them to do what you want, by not giving them options to take.

Treat them as they will be coming back; treat them as you need them to refer your business to others. You can help them by having some different payment options

Also you can help them by letting them tell you what they think about your services, they will like it.

Also for ecommerce site, you can help them save their favorite for future visit.

What’s your landing page like?

A professional optimized landing page can make you great business guys. I will end up here today hope one day I will write you a full post about optimizing the landing page.

People when they come to your site from advertisement for example they need a specific page that when they land there they see all important details and you ask them to at least sign up. Also when they visit your site for the first time your main goals should not be to only sell products/services…let them get inspired and from there continue with purchase process

But more important is to grab them by the hand so that they will be your clients for many years to come, make something that inspires them to leave their contacts there.

Here below I have taken a screenshot from www.Slidedeck.com the guys really have done it better when it comes to their landing page.

tips for your business

Not only that it’s catchy, but they give you a reason to fill in your details before you do, its not like click here, or Sign up here…but its more about giving you value before you do anything.

business tips marketing

So Guys, lets end up here today about this matter today: Ranking, Traffic, Conversion…the three worlds marketing wars. Tell us what you consider the most important to your business; I hope some of you are looking how you can boost your business in this challenging internet era, just give us a call and you will see the results you never thought would happen to your business.

Its Dimmy here, your marketing guy, lets meet next time

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