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Online video marketing | An online presence

Online video marketing | An online presence


Online video marketing:

This is the way of the future for sure; Video creates a buzz quicker than anything else. It allows you and your business to capture and inform potential customers.

You don’t have to be an expert to shoot a video and it does not have to be perfect. People like to see and deal with real people who are passionate and motivated by their products and industry.

Video marketing:

Is exploding right now and with the fact that over 80% of the people online don’t read they just scan and that people are much more likely to engage with content that has a video.

So right guys let’s start on our video marketing, what are we going to do? First we need to pick the keywords that we are going to target and these keywords are going to be our title. Now we shoot the video we speak about our topic. Don’t worry be natural you will get better with practice.

Too many people waste too much time doing it over and over again there is no award for the perfect presentation guys. The reward is customers if you give valuable information to your target audience. As you continue to produce more content and video it is inevitable you will get better.

Video really very beneficial to your optimization for the search engines:

Time on site really helps with SEO and as you can imagine people are much more likely to listen to a video for a few minutes than read. Therefore once your video is ready you have to share it on different platforms like youtube,metacafe, dailymotion,meefrrdia,twitter,google+,Pinterest and facebook. This strategy obviously broadens our online marketing campaign through the very powerful medium. A little tip for you when you are uploading your Videos on these platforms ensure you incorporate your URL which will allow people to go directly to your website.

Video is an opportunity to brand yourself and your business:

There is no place to hide with video, this adds to its credibility. It also allows people to see and hear you, see what kind of a person you are; are you genuine and passionate about your product and service. This allows you to build trust in a really engaging way it allows you to do all of the work of the potential customer they just have to listen.

When you making a video forget the sales pitch approach and always your aim should be to educate engage and inform your audience. Always ensure you have a strong call to action in your video.

It has a higher conversion rate than any other medium. Video allows you to speak directly to your customers in an informative away and also should be used in your email campaigns. There is no doubt in my mind that every post created by you should have a video incorporated it is the single greatest medium to encourage engagement with your content.

Start shooting videos:

So guys get in front of the camera start branding yourself and your business through video make sure that you distribute your videos across all the platforms I mentioned. Equally make sure that you provide quality information to your target audience and remain interesting and relevant.

Use video to highlight your personality and your passion for your product or service. Also keep in mind that video is only on the increase with its influence on the search engines. Therefore you have ensure that video is incorporated in any online marketing campaign you undertake.

So start today with your Online video marketing campaign:

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