Online reputation how to build it? | An online presence | Colm McGill

Online reputation how to build it? | An online presence

Online reputation how to build it? | An online presence

Online reputation how to build it?

Our reputation online is imperative to our success online and we have to protect and nourish it. The problem is the newbie online is in a rush to get started and unfortunately there are many people waiting to exploit this fact.

Now as a newbie take your time and understand your name is your currency its where your credibility comes from and where trust will come from in the future.

Therefore at the start of your career online you may get roped into opportunities and even worse promote opportunities that are not what they say they are. Basically scams.

The problem is if you have been promoting these questionable programs as you were acting in good faith. Your hard work of building an online presence and building connections can take a severe beating do be careful if these are in fact poor opportunities. Your online reputation takes time to build but can be wiped away with a few uninformed decision in a rush to the top.

Here are a few simple guidelines to help with your online reputation:

  • Tell the truth:

It seems obvious but guys in a world where we are trying to increase the bottom line and our income depends on others coming onboard we can become economical with the truth.

Beware of this as in the long run it will ruin your credibility, and you’ll always be starting to build each time. Instead tell the truth, people who come on board will have their eyes wide open and will now what to expect.

When setbacks come people will be much better prepared and will trust in you; which will strengthen your reputation and credibility online: So quite simple tell the TRUTH.

  • Focus on building Relationships:

When you’re online they is endless opportunities to build real relationships. They are various platforms that allow you this opportunity; from your blog and engaging with other people’s blogs.

Go to the different social platform and comment on others content. This will start the communication process and will lead to mutually beneficial relationships online whether in the form of information or opportunities and many times both.

These relationships can turn into friendships where you can turn to for real advice and where people turn to you. This will obviously strengthen your online reputation.


  • Continuously listen and learn

You continuously have to have your ear on the ground and keep an eye on your various platforms and monitor the comments that come in. Through this monitoring you see what questions, people are asking and ensure you answer their comments also: you have to be continuously listing and answering.

To do this correctly you have to adapt a strategy of continuous learning especially to remain current and relevant. As you can imagine if you have the answers you are becoming an authority and this lend to your credibility and your online reputation.

Consider this:

So guys we can’t for one second take our online reputation for granted we  here online are continuously trying to build our online presence.

At the end of the day we are trying to take a slice of the pie for our business and become a respected within our industry to gain allies in business and increase our customer base therefore please please take your time to learn the basics of online marketing.

From there you can start building branding and managing your business online.

This is the starting point for an online reputation how to build it.

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