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Contextual Navigation | An online presence

contextual navigation | An online presence

Contextual navigation

Contextual navigation means that someone can navigate through the content on your website. I f  this can be done easily within your site. This obviously adds value to the experience of any body who visits your website.


Therefore you have to ensure that you have set up your site correctly and link your content internally correctly. This  adds real weight to your strategy to move up the search engines.

Why? I here you ask. The reason is simple guys the more you keep your apples with apples and oranges with oranges the better for your users experience.

Let’s consider that I have a post on SEO. You come to the search engine looking for information on SEO.My site appears high up on the search engine and you click on my site and your reading my post on “what is Seo”.

Now I  have a hyperlink on the word SEO on that post once you hover over it you  will  see my anchor text indicating where it is taking you to.

The destination will be another  other post on mine within the site. With the title “why we need Seo”.

So now you can easily go to this post and learn ,more on the subject that you came to the search engine for.

Also in that second post you arrive at; I will have a hyperlink to another relevant post on SEO and so on.

Therefore you can see that it is very easy for you the user to navigate through my site and gain the information you want.

It is all there on my site and I am guiding you through the whole process.This of course and real value to the end users experience of my site.

Now the thing is if I had not done this correctly even tough I may possess the information. I had not paid enough attention to contextual navigation. I would have lost a perspective client or customer.

The search engines really want you to have relevant material obviously but they also want the user to enjoy the experience on your site.

Therefore if you pay particular attention to contextual navigation on your site you will really add to their experience and also ensure you climb the pages of the search engines.

Lets imagine you have come to my site and I have 5 posts on Seo and i have them all hyper linked therefore you may possible engage with all 5.

This is why I have being saying all along to put in video in all your post, As i have said people will listen a lot faster than read.

Time on site  also has big influence on the search engines and you climbing higher up the pages. Therefore if my 5 post contain 5 video and they should.

Let’s say each video is on average 6 minutes long. You the user has the  potential of spending 30 minutes on my site alone just on that topic.

This of course add to my relevance and popularity in the eyes of the search engine.

Now you can see the power of ensuring that all similar topics are kept together and that they are navigable. Therefore it is very important to link all your material internally.

This will keep people on your site for longer and also enhance there experience of your site. Also guys when you are adding your content you have to keep the similar topic together as we have said.

You can do this through hyper linking also you can do this by buy putting similar material under the same categories  within your sites.

Also to keep navigation much more seamless and clean associate tags to the similar post.

If you look at my site you will see Tags on the side bar where I have similar topics under the one tag.

So now guys go back to your site and keep in mind Contextual navigation, and make the correct alterations.

These alternation will ensure that your site is much easier to navigate and therefore enhance the end users experience of your site. It will also play a major part in your drive to the top of the search engines.

Thank You




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