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An Introduction to Blogging | An online presence

Introduction to blogging | An online presence

An introduction to Blogging

Well guys the good news it is easy to start and you can blog about anything.
This is a fantastic medium to gain an online presence for you and your business.

Many people start to blog on their business and products to gain exposure and drive traffic to their business products and services.

People are starting to realize that traditional methods of advertising no longer posses the same results.

There is a realization  nowadays that you to have think outside the box; become more innovative when it comes to gaining exposure for our business.

Today people are starting to see  the unbelievable opportunity provided through blogging.

What about the person that is coming online and wants to start to blog but is unsure of what topic to blog about.

You need not worry, as I said, you can blog on anything you want. Lets consider someone who has worked  in particular industry for years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry. However for some reason they are no longer working in that field.

This character may  still  have a particular passion for the industry therefore there  is no reason why you couldn’t blog about.The blog could be very informative and useful as this person is sharing their invaluable experience and insight . This character could very well earn a good living from such a blog.

The most important thing I would recommend to people is pick a hobby or a passion of yours and blog about them.

Something like travel; if you are a person that is travels a lot, you can write a little review or story on the places you have visited.

Maybe you have a passion for sports and you are a swimming nut you can create your blog on swimming and make videos and give lessons on different techniques used, in order to engage people that are still hesitant on taking up the sport.
Therefore you can see that there is much opportunity when it comes to blogging.

Many local businesses are setting up blogs around their business as they realize that they can capture prospective customers online and convert them into being loyal and valued customers.

So you can see now, how local businesses and small businesses they have moved their doors of they stores and offices into the living rooms of people all over the world.

The example I used in the video was about local fishermen in my area. These fishermen take tourists on fishing trips. Here, these operators could set up a fantastic blog on their product and services.

They could put posts on their day out fishing with a video attached. Other post maybe on the different species of fish they catch; or even interview their clients who are from different parts of the world.

This can really get people to engage in their site.This will also develop depth and quality in your blogs.

All this adds to you gaining online presence for you and your business or product it also add your face and personality to the business which people can relate to for sure. Remember guys people buy from people.

Now many people may be worried, how will I set up a blog? do I need a lot of technical skills? The answer is no, if you go through my free training videos you will have no problem.
Another thing that may stop people who have a bricks and mortar business is the time factor how long will it take to create a good piece of content with video attached?

Well guys once you have completed my free training you should be able to create a piece of content within an hour.

Someone that comes online and still is unsure of what is there for them. You can become affiliate marketer or a network marketer. If your are becoming an affiliate marketing and you need products to promote .

I would promote these product around a particular interest you have. For example lets say you like camping. Therefore  you can blog on camping and promote products associated with your interest.

The places I would use to search products would be click-bank which is good for digital products and  of course Amazon.

The Network marketing option may have a great opportunity in a particular domain and can set there blog up around the opportunity.

So there you go guys!!Plenty of ideas for you to gain a presence online for you and your products and services.

Thank you for reading an Online presence|Introduction to Blogging



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