Online marketing do you need help to start? | An online presence | Colm McGill

Online marketing do you need help to start? | An online presence

 Free Training :

Look guys this is a quick post today, I’m asking you out there the newbie to avail of my free training. This is for anyone who is really struggling online and needs help to start.

I remember when I started I struggled for the first few months especially with finding a place where I could get an education on the whole world of online. Eventually I found an online mentor which really helped me to find my feet.

So now I’m returning the favour through the free training on  online marketing guys. There are over twenty videos there to help you with all your online marketing education. I cover all the basics of online marketing, ie.content creation, social media integration, engagement email marketing etc.

 Quality Education:

I know it is very hard to get good quality education out there for free; where you can get a comprehensive guide to take you by the hand. Of course it makes no difference what industry or background you are in or from.

Many of us come online to find an alternative to the norm or some of us come out of necessity irrespective of the reason we all face the same problem  once we appear online people hunt us to join this and that opportunity.

Because they know we are new and  impressionable and basically ripe for the picking. Before we  know it we are involved in some program after paying money to join and left there. They have got their commission and no longer care about you.

So I appeal to you do not make this mistake and avail of my free training it will give you a solid foundation in the whole world of online marketing. It will give you the information you need to make a much more informed decision when offered such  “get rich quick schemes”.

 One stop shop for online education

I want you to think of as your one stop shop for your online education.  Because I know what a daunting place the whole world of online marketing can be when you start. So guys take advantage of this training today. But be warned there is a lot of information there. Also keep in mind there is a steep learning curve but I would say to you take your time and take lots of notes.

The beauty of the videos are that you can replay them as many times as you want but do not forget to bookmark the page.

That’s it for me guys but please avail of this chance. As we all know only too well we all need some help.

Again I ask:

Online marketing do you need help to start?


Thank you,


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