Online marketing correctly for Small business | An online presence | Colm McGill

Online marketing correctly for Small business | An online presence

Online marketing correctly for Small business | An online presence

Online marketing correctly for Small business:

Many small business take care of their own SEO and online marketing in comparison the larger organisation  usually out source. Therefore today I’m going to highlight the areas where small business should focus on to ensure results.

Select relevant Keywords:

One has to pick keywords that are relevant to our business or industry. Many business focus on one particular keyword. This is a mistake focus on long tail keywords which are usually much more specific and can often be buyer or engagement keywords.

Here is a simple example, if you focus on the key word of ­­sea food restaurant the competition is very high and the people are only browsing in comparison sea food restaurant queens new York. The people searching this keyword want a seafood restaurant in queens and if you’re on the top of the search engine this will fill your restaurant.

Content is King :

This is where you are going to build your credibility relevance and authority within your industry. Once you are producing quality content that is informative educational and helpful, people will engage as you become the one stop shop for them to get their questions answered. Also engaging content helps with time onsite which is essential for your SEO.

Social Platforms :

As a small business you have to have a social media presence. For sure you have to be on the main ones at the very least.






Email Marketing:

You have to have the correct strategy and ensure that you follow up on the prospects that opt in to your site. Ensure that you keep your customers and prospects informed on your business on regular basis. This is a great place to build trust and ensure you create a loyal customer base.

Interaction and engagement :

AS a part of your online marketing strategy you have to engage with your content and others. Too many small businesses focus solely on themselves, you have to start engaging with others within your industry.

This is where you can build credibility and alliances which can be mutually beneficial. All you have to start doing is start connecting with other businesses and start sharing and liking their content online.

Follow those tips in online marketing :

I have just outlined some important points above for small business to enhance their online presence through a correct marketing strategy. There are a few more points I want to touch on first bear in mind that Google is the king and it controls around 80% of all searches done online.

Therefore it is in your interest as a small business to understand what Google expects from you.

Also remember patience is a virtue when it comes to your online marketing campaign. Take your time and get the basics right from the outset. Too many small business focus on web design, they get carried away with flashy looking sites which won’t perform on their own.

You have to optimize your site for the search engines and by ensuring that your producing quality content and that you are following a correct marketing strategy which is ensuring that your site is optimised for the search engines and end users

If you need help:

I f you are struggling as a small business and need help to ensure your businesses gets the online exposure it needs to develop and expand your business put  your information in the side bar and I’ll contact you as soon as possible and we can start working on your business. This is my post today on:

Online marketing  correctly for small business.

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