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Online Marketing Consultant

Online Marketing Consultant

So you are here looking for an “Online Marketing Consultant” as you have decoded the future is here and I applaud and agree with you that it surely is. Too many of you for too long have persisted with traditional means and are losing.

Why you wonder? Well the sands have shifted and it is here online your audience now search for products and services. Look guys you only have to look and see around you, everybody is online guys you see them everywhere in shop in the cafe the bus stop everywhere heads buried in their phone. So yes you have made a great choice to search for an Online marketing Consultant.

What do you need to do when choosing an Online Marketing Consultant?

First guys you need to see the personality of this company. Who owns it, who are their staff. I have heard too many horror stories in relation to business owners getting over excited and not doing their due diligence. Let me give you an example I spoke to a business owner last week. This is what he told me.

They hired an online marketing consultancy and they were to do SEO and to cut a long story short the business owner received no results and the consultancy hid behind emails and there was no person anywhere to be found on their site and they just gave the business owner the run around.

He lost $3000. So please do a background check. You are here on my page open a new tab and type Colm McGill in search and you will see loads of information helping small business owners also see testimonials on my site, ring or mail these people to see what they have to say about me.

Join me on facebook and I will make you a member of my online marketing help group. So really I have put myself out there but many online marketing consultant are not to be found while their websites are be careful be very careful.

What can you expect an online marketing consultant

Look guys at the end of the day the online marketing consultant should have your interest at heart, also a good one will under promise and over deliver. Keep in mind your success is their success.

Let’s take an SEO campaign if there are not getting results you will not hire them again. In-comparison if they get you results you will continue to work with them. A word of warning with SEO guys it takes a minimum of 3 months to start gaining any significant momentum.

Also make sure you get a base report when starting what I mean here is let’s say you go for a 5 keyword package, you need to see exactly where you are in the search engines when they start as it gives you a starting point and you can see a clear progression.

I know of one owner who worked with a company and they gave him nothing, so he actually had no starting point so he did not know what progression was and suffice to say he got no results as they had blinded him with promises from the start but no results.

Now guys there are many great companies out there but please do your home work. It is these kinds of errors and stories that motivated me to create my online marketing foundation course for the small business owners to educate you guys and stop making silly errors.


What else consultants do for you

Well guys the consultant will be able to make a clear strategy for you on how to gain that online presence. Now they can create an online action plan or alternatively you can let them take control of your online marketing where they will managing your social media platforms and do SEO, Google adwords and facebook advertising if you have that type of a budget, but guys I urge you to stop wasting money on traditional marketing platforms unless you are getting a seriously high ROI as for sure online marketing is where you need to be and its where you need to take your business to develop and expand otherwise you are dead in the water.

Online marketing educate yourself.

Now is the time, guys; if you are in business you need to learn, you need to educate yourself about digital marketing. You can no longer be ignorant or ignore as the longer you keep your head in the sand the further and further away from you will your competitors as they have embraced and are growing while you are shrinking.

Also you need to know the basics so that so called online marketing consultant won’t pull the wool over your eyes.  Remember those stories I mentioned earlier. So guys I would advise you to check out my digital marketing foundation course where there are 30 videos taking you by the hand and showing and informing you of exactly you need to know. Please visit it here my Digital Marketing Course

Online marketing consultant conclusion

So guys I think I have outlined some things you need to know but please feel free to ask me any question on  Also, please add me on Facebook where I will add you to my online marketing help for small business owners group.

Also it is paramount that you start learning all about online marketing as this is the future and the more you know the less it will cost you as you can be an active and a valuable part of the conversation about gaining exposure for you business online.

As at the moment you guys are unaware and uneducated and therefore do not control the destiny of your company online and hence offline as now the first point of contact is becoming more and more online.

This is why guys I created my course as I have said but you really need to get a course like this, if it is from me great if not so what but for sure get one so that you can really walk towards the future with confidence and please take your head out of the sand.

I hope you found this post valuable “online marketing Consultant”

Talk soon






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