Online marketing beginner | Invest in you the online marketing beginner | Colm McGill

Online marketing beginner | Invest in you the online marketing beginner

Online marketing beginner | Invest in you the online marketing beginner

Online marketing  beginner

Online Marketing beginner, Today I am going to tell you what to do guys. As I have said in part 1 and 2 I said stop chasing get rich quick schemes and start learning.


So there you go guys you really have to develop the knowledge and skill. So you can market and make money from these new found expertise.

So what do I learn I hear you ask (Keywords)

Quite simple guys as the online marketing beginner start learning the basic of online marketing. You have to  learn about keywords, keyword search. keyword density and keyword phrases.

We have to understand that everything online is driven by keywords. That is how we get our information from the search engines. Equally this is one of the factor that the search engines uses to return results.


You have to learn how to create an online presence. Therefore you have to learn how to build a website. It is from here that gives you the opportunity to create that online presence. Once you have learnt how to build a website then you can start blogging about a passion,expert knowledge you possess or an interest you may have.

Now just think about this guys it is from here and from these skills you can build an ad-sense site, you could promote products as a part of your blog. So here you see a realistic chance to earn some money.

As you can see this is not a get rich quick scheme. This is investment in yourself. Also guys you could build websites for local businesses in your area. Now you really are making money online. So now as the online marketing beginner you have gained valuable skills where you can create an income.

Social media

Learn how to integrate social media correctly in order to broaden your online marketing net. This will allow you to reach other prospects  through a different medium. Also guys their many local and small businesses out their that will pay you good money to manage their social presence online.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Take time out to start learning about SEO how to develop that online presence. Learn how to optimize your website and your content. Learn how to develop strong social signals.

It is from here you can target keywords and climb the search engines to drive traffic back to your websites. You can imagine what this will do for you if you master it. You can take this skill to any small or local business and make real money from your SEO skills.

Get a mentor as an Online marketing beginner

Yes guys you need a mentor to keep you on the right path and provide you with quality information and education and more importantly hold you accountable. I provide a mentoring service where you have full access to me for 3 months guys where I will help you gain an online presence and  give you the skills I referred above.

Also another option for you guys I am offering  a set of video tutorials where you can learn the basics of online marketing. This is on special offer at the moment for 100 dollars guys.

That’s it from me guys , now you can see the the real opportunities here online that I have outlined above. There are real they take work and dedication and are not get rich quick schemes. So I APPEAL TO YOU GUYS STOP CHASING AND START LEARNING AND INVEST IN YOU THE ONLINE MARKETING BEGINNER.

Thank you,


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