Online Marketing beginner tips | part two | Colm McGill

Online Marketing beginner tips | part two

Online Marketing beginner tips | part two

Online Marketing beginner tips | part two

Online Marketing beginner tips, last week I told you to start learning and and forget the hype. Also I advised you the value of patience.

Today guys I am going to speak about the basics of online marketing and building a solid foundation and forgetting the get rich quick scheme mentality.



Online Marketing beginner tips|Forget the get rich quick schemes

Yes guys forget them forget them. If they sound too good to be true they probably are. This sounds simple but it is true. These schemes make their money by you signing up.

Once you have parted with your money, this amazing opportunity yields no return for you. Many times they try to up sell you with another product to make the initial one work. Now you have spent double the amount you intended.


If so guys stop now stop chasing these crazy schemes. They are designed to take your money and leave you worse off than when you started. They have amazing productions and use actors to say they are making thousands or even millions, This is complete BS guys.

Have you got emails from these guys “SAYING LAST CHANCE TO SIGN UP”?. I bet you have. Also If you ignore it you will still get this email for the next couple weeks every day. Ask yourself if it was the last chance why do they keep emailing?.

These are underhanded tactics to pressure you into purchasing there products. So again guys I say leave these get rich quick schemes behind.

Learn the basics of online marketing | Online Marketing beginner tips

Its high time you stop wasting your time guys. Have you wasted thousands of dollars?

Stop now and take the time to educate yourself. It is through education that you will develop your skills knowledge and expertise and it is from here you will be able to position yourself to start creating an income guys online.

There is no denying that theses get rick quick schemes come and go but if you start learning you are moving closer to becoming an expert in which ever field you chose.

Online Marketing beginner tips| Training Course

I have put together  a training course of 21 video tutorials where you will find no hype no BS just straight talking. This course is full of valuable information for you the beginner to gain an online presence.

It is a set of video tutorials covering topics like  keywords,post and page creation, video marketing,content marketing,email marketing etc.

This course will give you the foundation in gaining an online presence for you irrespective of what avenue you will take online. Guys my biggest Online Marketing beginner tips is education as I have said it is from here you can develop the skills and mindset to be successful. Now I’m not going to Bs you or pressurize you.

You have come to my site many times and you see the information I share so you can make up your own mind. If you want my foundation course click here and it is at the  price of 100 dollars for the next couple of weeks.

Thank you


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