Online engagement with others is the key to success online | An online presence | Colm McGill

Online engagement with others is the key to success online | An online presence

Online engagement with others is the key to success online | An online presence

Online engagement with others is the key to success online |An online presence

Online engagement is the key to success, undoubtedly so. First of all what is online engagement? Online engagement is the participation, involvement and interaction of people online.

I say “online engagement is the key to success; the reason is, people still buy from people”. The majority of people love to interact and engage with others. We only have to look at the explosion of the social media platforms.

Online engagement builds trust credibility and relationships and this is what it is all about, to be successful, one has  to be connected. There are loads of platforms out there to interact I’m not even going to mention them you all have accounts with these platforms.

We have to get connected, as I already said we all have accounts with the many different platforms; so then we have to start engaging and interacting  with different people within our niches or industries.

How do we connect?

Start joining communities and groups within our industries for example if your niche is in jewellery making join a jewellery making group, you get the picture. This is not about driving traffic back to our site; or increasing the bottom line; It about building relationships and partnerships within your industry.

These connections will help you and your business in so many ways. First you will start gaining a presence within the group; people will start to get know to you. You can share experiences and advice on particular parts of the industry and on your own personal experience both good and bad.

There are many people out there in these groups and communities in the same situation that you are in.  This is why it is so important to connect and engage online as you can help each other.

Also you can speak about the different opportunities products or services you are involved in and therefore you can help each other to get involved in the different opportunities. This is of course a win win situation but if you don’t engage this scenario never arises.

Online Enagement Example:

Just last night I was on one of my social platforms speaking to 4 different people at the one time from Ireland ,Spain and 2 in the US, because I made the effort to start engaging with them online.

From that communication one is joining up to an opportunity I am working on and with another person that I was speaking to we have scheduled a Skype call to speak directly about other opportunities.

So here you see guys if you start to engage you will open a whole world of opportunity for yourself and your business

This example of mine illustrates the power of online engagement and connecting with others. It does not matter what stage you are at on your online development. You have to continuously be learning and engaging and it’s through people helping you and you helping other  that success will come.

Advice on engagement online

At the end of the day people are still going to be your customers. Undoubtedly at the start it is a little intimidating to start engaging you are worried about your level of knowledge will what people are talking about might be over your head.

I would stop thinking and just go for it: start engaging and interacting remember everyone starts at the start. So everyone can empathise with you because we have all been there, so don’t worry get in there and interact.

I have found that most people within these groups and communities are very willing to interact and engage with you. Of course they are guys our industry online is made up of people therefore start to today get out there introduce yourself and interact and remember:

Online engagement with others is the key to success online:

Thank you



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