Online Engagement what is it?|An online presence | Colm McGill

Online Engagement what is it?|An online presence

Online Engagement what is it?|An online presence

Online Engagement what is it?|An online presence

Online engagement is where, when or how we interact with others on the net. It is the involvement and interaction with others online. This is becoming more and more important in today’s world. We just have to think about our own behavior.

How we interact online? How do we engage with others and on what platforms we use? There is no denying in today’s world people are connected more than ever over the net. People are engaging on so many levels on different platforms.



We are reading, watching and speaking also liking and sharing all over the web. We are connected on many different levels in all aspects of our lives and we now today in our modern world are engaging online

The popular platforms for online engagement

  • Facebook

  • Google+

  • Twitter

  • Pinterest

  • Youtube


Facebook is the second most visited website behind Google therefore you can imagine it captures a huge audience. People are flocking to facebook for many different reasons and their engaging online through this platform.

Many use facebook for social interaction while others are utilizing the platform for business purposes and many more combine the two. There is no denying that facebook is the king when it comes to engagement online.


Google+ is a fantastic platform for online engagement and to understand it growing appeal. It is expanding at a faster rate than Facebook did. Undoubtedly people are using Google+ as business interacting platform as well as social it is estimated it is 50% social and 50 Business.

Google plus is a great way to engage people online as you can share your blog posts to people in different circles (group). Each post you publish on the platform goes directly to their inbox.

There are many different groups or communities within Google +where you can join and interact and engage with people with similar interests.


Twitter is the micro blog it allows you to follow and interact with all different people across all domains. It one of the most popular platforms for engagement


Pinterest is a fantastic platform for engagement as it allows you to post pictures and videos and to group your different interest on different boards.

Pinterest is a fantastic place for businesses to highlight your products and to get people to engage. Especially if your business is in dress making potter arts and crafts or jewelry  etc for example.


YouTube truly is a fantastic platform for engagement and that there is no denying the power of video it is estimated by the end of 2013 that video will be responsible for 90% of all information consumption. People are much more likely to engage with you and your products if you have a video attached.

So anybody online and engaging in the other platforms also have to get in front of the camera to increase their exposure and increase prospective customers engagement with them and their products.

Online engagement closing remarks:

So there we have  a brief introduction into the main platforms people use to engage and interact online whether on a social or a business’s level. All these platforms have different categories group and communities, where you can join the areas of your interest or expertise and just share your thoughts and experiences.

This fantastic from a social and business point of view; this allows you to engage with people with a similar mindset. Therefore go out there guys and start engaging and this activity will do wonders for you and your business.

This my answer to the question:

Online engagement what is it?


Thank you



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