Networking is an integral part of your online success | An online Presence | Colm McGill

Networking is an integral part of your online success | An online Presence

networking is an integral part to online  success

Many of us online are here to sell sell and the sell some more. Here we undoubtedly miss the point. You have to take the time out to start getting to know people online. I know it can be intimidating to reach out initially guys, but this is where you start developing your future partnerships and alliances.


Quite simply you have to start networking online this is what really opens doors for you. You have to take the time to get to know people and create real friendships.  It is from here that you start creating a real online presence. Networking allows you to develop your presence online along with producing content and sharing etc.

People run the world/Start networking

People still run the worlds guys and it is from other people you will hear about opportunities different product and services, you may be interested in. I have also found through my experiences by reaching out you gain more than you can imagine.

I find also that many people online are only too willing to help you as we all encounter the same problems at some time or another. Some of us are just further down the road than others. So everyone empathizes with your struggles

LEAP of Faith

I think when we come online we have to be willing to take that leap of faith and join different groups and communities within your industry and reach out to people. Do not be afraid to reach out to the leaders of your industry, what is the worst can happen.

We have to be proactive here guys with networking because some people may become customers and some friend and some probably both. But keep in mind this will never happen if you keep procrastinating just take that leap.


Through networking online you will start interacting with people that are on the same level as you are on. These are the people where you can really help each other share problems and solutions. This is where you can really form mutually beneficial relationships.

Webinars and Hangouts

If you think of different webinars or hangouts you have been on. More often than not,  many of the experts giving webinars have fellow guests on and they have know each other with years as they reached  out to each other back on the day when they started.

They obviously followed each others careers and became friends and worked on joint ventures together. So here you can see what I am saying.  Many of us that start online are too busy selling and trying to make money we ignore the social and the networking side and this is detrimental to our long term online success guys.

Various Platforms for Networking

Now there are various platforms out there that we can utilize to network but I would suggest to you to start networking today and start connecting and doors and opportunities will start opening for you.  So set aside 30-60 minutes of everyday for social activity and realize that networking is an integral part of your online success.


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