Multiple Streams of Income | An online Presence | Colm McGill

Multiple Streams of Income | An online Presence

multiple streams of income | An online presence

Multiple streams of Income |an online presence

Creating multiple streams of income should be your strategy, in today’s uncertain world. There is rarely something out there that lasts forever. So anybody working from home or online should not put all of their eggs in one basket.

Now to create multiple streams of income is not difficult but will require a little bit of time and motivation from you especially at the start. Once you overcome the initial learning curve that is present in the whole world of online marketing, the majority of your work is done. In relation to the industry. however you will always have to keep up to date and maintain your knowledge of course.

I Know when you decided to come online first can be difficult and a very daunting place , not least when you come on board looking for an opportunity  or a niche to take part in.

Some people come on board with their own opportunity but these may find it difficult to establish an online presence not to mention the problem of driving traffic to their sites.

Now it takes people different lengths of time time  to get all the basics learned to start applying and making money online. I would say the biggest mistake people make when they come online is that they are obsessed with making money.

Also there are many people out there pushing their amazing get rich schemes on them. This is a dangerous place for some newbie’s; I know you’re anxious to make money and these vultures know that too and are willing to exploit you and get you to invest in their opportunity.

It is my opinion; do not rush in to these amazing opportunities !!!!! guys take your time and investigate do your due diligence. It is my advice to forget get rich quick schemes. Start learning the basics first and start building branding and managing online.

Learn how to generate traffic online. Once you have master this it is quite easy to start multiple streams of income once you understand the fundamentals to online marketing.

How I can create different streams of income.

Here are the three main areas

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is by no means easy and it takes a solid understanding on your behalf to be able to market effectively. Now I’m sorry for being blunt here but that’s the reality guys. I know you have heard that it is no bother for anyone to become an Affiliate star overnight. However if you know what you’re doing and can market effectively in can be a very lucrative domain indeed.

Niche Affiliate Marketing

Niche Affiliate Marketing this is a better option for someone new as you find a niche that you have a particular interest in.  This makes it much easy as you have a passion for something and now you only have to learn the marketing side of online. Then build products around your passion, for example fishing, Jewelry making etc.

Network marketing

Network marketing is quite simple and straight forward and should be an integral part of your of you multiple stream income strategy. This has really evolved with the internet no longer are the days of home and hotel meetings required. Also these modern network companies today require you to do less work and they possess better compensation plans.

So can I create multiple streams?

The answer is yes; start learning the correct way to market online and become involved with opportunities you have an interest in. Learn how to create that online presence and get in front of that traffic that is everywhere online and you will be on the road to securing:

Multiple streams of Income.


Thank You,





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