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Make money Online – Work From Home-Advice and Tips

Making money online-Work From Home/

Advice and Tips

make money online advice and tips

Today’s hangout video and post speak about work from Home where I give advice and tips, believe me guys, the one who can provide better tips and advice is not only the one who has done it and learned the hard way but also the one who is not pushing you to buy one of his work from home programs.

I know most people are like me, when they need a solution they first go online. While online is a great place to get valuable information, education, advice and tips…but its also a tricky place to be going where you have a serious need.

What I mean here is, more 90% of people who are searching work from home opportunities online are those people who want to succeed within hours, are not ready to put in work. The Clear facts is, if its hard getting a good paying job, its even harder to get any job that you would do as wish, work from anywhere and have that full freedom to travel, mind your family and enjoy while you work.

Most of the webpages you see online talking about work from home opportunities are selling their program. Some are affiliates trying to sell a work from home program to you, the point is you will need to work hard to sell the same stuff to other people who are looking for work from home opportunities.

Others are great copywriters when you land on their webpage they will keep talking how their life was miserable and how they had bought several online programs but they did not work…they will even go further and say when they had gone broke to their last pen they discovered a secret that is making them a thousand dollars a day. I have been online for half a decade now, working very hard, coached several businesses but I have never got that secret of banking a thousand dollar a day by doing a simple task. You need to work.

Guys I am not here to discourage the one that have a dream of making a thousand dollar a day…but I am trying to demonstrate the fact that, there is no easy money online, there is no easy success and also there no cheap success. You will need to invest in getting a mentor, invest in yourself (education and tools), and invest the hard work.

You will succeed online have no worries. I spent almost all I had in all quick scams that promised amazing future, but I only started seeing success when I have decided to invest in myself and become someone of value that can offer something of value to someone. That’s what we will be talking here today.

Actually If you have not watched the video, I suggest you do as I have gone through everything about work from Home and my story. My story might not be the interesting one, but at least it helps you not to make foolish mistakes I made at the start by chasing every opportunity that came my way. I was a dreamer, don’t be!

Work from Home| Invest in your education

Make money Online - Advice and Tips


The first step to go guys is educating yourself and making yourself valuable. There are lots of business opportunities that you can join as a work from home entrepreneur and make great money than you can make when you are employed, the secret is simple, Learn and stay focused!

Most people who are looking for work from home job opportunities they have no idea of what kind of works are there, they have no idea of who they want to target, and they have no idea of what kind of work they are looking for. Thats a main reason people jumping from one opportunity to the other to the next until they get broke, or learn.

The first thing in your learning is to clearly Understand what you want to do, research its market, research the competition and research the basic and advanced training you need to have to tap into that market. Well I will be speaking about finding the right mentor later after this section.

Most of the opportunities you will ever find as a beginner are affiliate products, network marketing, online survey jobs to mention a few…but as you can see it needs a bit of knowledge to start and be successful; you might say it don’t need knowledge to do online surveys, but in reality is you will spend all your valuable hours searching for them and you will be even luck to make your first $100 a month.

People who are looking for quick schemes often get attracted to online trading HYIPs or imaginary money making machines/software …have loads of names there. I will be speaking about real online jobs that you can do as a work from home entrepreneur, not schemes.

Basic skills needed to make money online

make money online advice and tips

I know you need freedom, but you have to create it. You will need to learn how to work online. After you have really understood which category will be your main business like Affiliate marketing, Network marketing, Digital marketing, SEO, Ecommerce business, Dropshipping, Business Consultation, Creative jobs like Website design, Logo design, Graphic design and Copy-writing; You then will need to get what it takes to get started.

Make money from Home Journey

As I wanted to start a business of helping small businesses around the place I live, in rural Ireland (South Kerry, Ardcost), I realized I need to learn something valuable, and that was learning to do websites, learning how to do Search Engine Optimization and Learn how to market online as I could market my business and train other small businesses how to market their businesses.

I researched my competitors, there were very little in my location. This is vital guys you need to make money online so research on the potential competition before you learn and realize you will never serve anyone in your target market.

I started with web designing as I continued to learn basic SEO from David Boozer. I would say I tried to do everything he was teaching, I did not believe in myself that much until when I ranked my first blog. I realized then I could do something and started training very hard.

I designed my first website, Highcoast marketing, Colm McGill and then 2gether people. After being sure I can give value to some businesses that wanted a website design services, I started reaching out to them as my very first clients were local clients in my local area, and that was actually my first target, as if you cant make money after the hardwork you may give up.

I got my first few website design projects while I was still training for Search Engine Optimization and applying the same training to my own websites, eventually after a hard consistent work, my websites started ranking. Bravo! I knew now I could offer another value to businesses and other people who wanted what I could offer.

I went back to some of my first website clients, and sold them a Seo Packages as I was sure I could deliver as I had seen results on my own websites. With that strategy, consistence in learning, hard working, learning and testing on my business I started doing sales. Some few cash started flowing my way and I became a digital marketing consultant.

Actually what I want to highlight here is my turning point was that day I realized I was never going to make money by quick schemes or offering something invaluable to needy people. Genuine money is through offering valuable product/service to people; They will come back and send referrals!

If you have no idea of what you really want to offer or do online to make money, I recommend two things. I am not doing affiliate marketing, but I am a member of Wealth Affiliate, and I love it! I also offer my own made digital marketing training course, If I was able to make any money online, I made it with what I learnt, tested and applied; thats all what is included in my course, its affordable and step by step to your success.

For a beginners options seem to be many, but are not that many unless you have basic skills required. For whatever business you are doing online, you will need a bit digital marketing skills that can help you when you are selling affiliate products, or have an eCommerce site, doing dropshipping, or even selling your own home made products.

I do recommend to take one or two of the recommended membership above, Wealth Affiliate is free at the start, you will only upgrade when you see value. So is my course, you will have a free access to 12 videos before you are required to purchase the rest. The Good thing about my course is, you will also have an online marketing mentor, Colm McGill.

Make money Online, why do I need a mentor?

As I said before we go online to search for what we might do to make money online. The problem is you will get all the information and everyone will claim they are making huge money, and how they had a tough life and eventually got a secret to bank every day., The problem is, who will you trust!

You really need an online marketing mentor who is doing what you intend to do, or at least he has done it, and still has the knowledge needed for you to succeed when you start your online venture. Imagine you buy a course and when you start implementing what you have learnt there you fail and there is no one to ask!

Imagine you buy a certain program at a certain amount, the moment you want to implement it, you find there are thousands of hidden cost you have to incur that you were not told, you think I am joking? Well you buy a course at your only last $500 and they said you will be making money the following day when you would start working. After a course you realize you need to have a website, do a bit content marketing hence you need a budget, what would you do?

Thats why we need a mentor.

  • We need a mentor to lead us on what works, and how they are exactly done!
  • We need a mentor to help us set our first campaign and see how exactly it performs
  • We need a mentor to help us with unforeseen issues
  • We need a mentor to lay us a full plan

No matter how we learn it, we always need someone to show us how it is perfectly done!

Make money Online | What tools do I need to succeed

make money online tools

Guys after having the education you need and having your mentor, you will have to invest in tools that will make your work from home experience better. You will need to make a system that can make you money in a passive way even the days you are off for a vacation or when you cant physically work.

Please watch the full video and come back to me with any question I will be glad to help you. I know some of you think its hard to make money online especially If you have already spend some on the programs that did not work, but believe me, the money is there for people who work under a clear plan and guidance.

If you need to check out the Affiliate Training as a beginner don’t hesitate to contact me as well.

Please call me at 087 9772200. skype: colm.mcgill

I hope you got value from our post

Making money online-Work From Home/

Advice and Tips

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