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looking to work from home.

Looking to work from Home.

Looking to work from home: many of us are turning to the internet for work and the solution to our unemployment status financial problems or even a change of lifestyle.
I say, what good a solution to an age old problem through nontraditional means.

The problem is many of us don’t know where to start. It is a complete new experience for us to find work online. The whole world of online can be scary place especially when many of us come from different working backgrounds and have little or no experience of working online.

If I’m looking to work from home what do I do, Colm?
Well first, the good news is there are many opportunities through various different means, Niche, Affiliate and Networking marketing just to name the popular ones out there but there are many more, which I have no doubt you, are aware of. There are great work from home opportunities out their guys so you needn’t worry.

However I would say take your time and educate yourself.Be aware the successful people online are readers they keep up with the latest developments and trends in online marketing and work from home opportunities that arise.They are continuously looking for ways to development improve and progress in the work from home arena.

The steps a beginner should take.
When looking to work from home we have to brand ourselves we have to create an online presence guys. It’s of the utmost importance to create an image and credibility of ourselves in the work from home arena.

How you do that I hear you say? Quite simply by setting up a blog; this is your home online. As I say this creates an online presence for you. It allows you to start working online with a brand which is you or your product.

Now whats my blog meant to be about? First and foremost pick something that interests you, that you have a passion for. It can even be you hobby like fishing rock climbing or sailing etc. It can be about an industry that you worked in for years and have a wealth of valuable information and experience in.

So, you see the opportunities are endless however when you’re picking your niche ask yourself will others be interested in your topic service or products.

The next step you have to bear in mind is creating a social presence guys. The whole world of online marketing is social you have to have Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Google +, pinterest and LinkedIn accounts: at the very least guys.

Now you have a presence online where too next?
The answer here is you have to create content and not any old content; quality content on your particular subject product or niche. This is where you add value to your work from home opportunity; the very thing that set you apart online.

The content you write should be engaging, informative and original. Also one can create content through images and video. Remember guys you create the content for people and we like visual content.

As a matter of fact we rarely read an article we just scan hitting the main points; it true just think about your own behavior when you are looking on the net. Another thing to keep in mind when creating an online presence when working from home is the power of Video.

Video is paramount at the moment it combats the problem of scanning, it keeps people engaged for longer. It adds credibility and presence and trust to your brand and puts a face to your niche product or service. This highlights the importance of video to a successful online career.

Now guys that just a quick little post on helping you the people looking to work from home. Theses few tips are invaluable and will put you on the right road, to securing a work from home opportunity without the hype and BS.

So keep it real guys and good luck to you looking to work from home.
Thank you,

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