Internet marketing Tips for beginners |A guide to your Online Presence | Colm McGill

Internet marketing Tips for beginners |A guide to your Online Presence

Internet marketing Tips for beginners -A guide to your Online Presence

Internet marketing Tips for beginners |A guide to your Online Presence

With today’s advancement in information, the internet has really helped us get a wealth of information about anything we want to know. We can search for images, search for tutorial videos, just read the texts and look at infographics and data to get what we want.

But we cannot ignore the fact that for a business that are looking for information on how to start their internet marketing journey, there is a possibility of getting bombarded by too much information and fail to understand where you can start.

Here below is just a simple internet marketing guide for a business that just has decided to go online, but they haven’t met a qualified digital marketing consultant to lead them in a correct way of executing basic online strategies and methods that will bring them business

What will we be talking about | Internet marketing tips for beginners

  • Website; what website should a modern business have to compete in the internet marketing world
  • Social Media; the likes of Facebook and Google+ optimized business pages for internet marketing success
  • Customer reviews, how can reviews boost your business
  • Email marketing; how you can transform your previous customers you got offline to be your loyal email subscribers

What’s a great website for your business | Internet marketing Tips

To be able to succeed online guys we know we need to have our documents, information about our services and products hosted online for people to access through searches.

For search engines to consider our website/webpages in the results page when the people are searching for products/services we offer it requires us to have presented the relevant information, and put it together in the correct way. We have to be strategic and write it in a user friendly way and a search engine friendly way.

The most important webpages of any website

Guys when building the website it’s of the utmost importance that we understand what are the most important webpages…and having identified them, we will highlight them appropriately as they are sources of sales.

  • Homepage
  • About Us Page
  • Service Page
  • Blog Section
  • Contact Us Page

Homepage is the most visited webpage, hence make it appealing, as from here is where the website visitors will make decision whether to go on, or stay on your website.

Internet marketing Tips for beginners

Look how this smart homepage inspire someone to dig further and stay on the site.

Make the best use of home page. From here show the potential clients what your business is about…show them the services, the customer reviews/testimonials, also show them the clear navigation of your website, you might be selling clothes but you can’t show all clothes there, so give them direction.

The menu bar should present the Links to most relevant pages, for above example, you can show us “Men’s Clothes”, “Kids’ Clothes”, “Women’s clothes”, still before a person clicks at any, by hovering at the category, it should show them sub categories again like “Men’s Clothes”→ “Shirts”, “Trouser”, “Shorts”.

You can narrow the searches to the last, the use of this is to give your potential visitors great website experience by understanding their valuable use of time, so make them land to the category they need, as failure to do so they may think your website does not have what they were looking for, as it is not professionally or strategically arranged.

Your website should be like a modern supermarket, when you go there, you must see clear direction to what you are looking for, no time lost, your potential clients will be retained if you value their time and show them you understand what they need and is there in front of their eyes.

What do web visitors expect to get from Home Page?

  • Your services first
  • Who are you, unless you are a known brand
  • Navigation to important and specific pages
  • What people are saying about your services?

Remember the Homepage is the most visited page, make it the best. We all know we are all inclined to seeing good looking/smart items things or people, why make your website homepage not the best?

About Us Page this is the second most visited webpage on your website. Make the best use of it. People will visit this webpage to know who you are.

They expect to see not the business explanation and description only, but who is running the business. It might be the name of the owner, the image or video of yourself talking about your business and what they should expect.

I see many small businesses end up talking about stories of their businesses, no one reads this, they just need to know who you are, what have you done in past, are you a genuine person, is your business growing, do you have great staff, can they see the team, your names for references and is there trustworthy?

internet marketing Tips for beginners

One of the best About Us page on the net

It’s very important especially when you are in service industry; your personality is your business.

What people expect to see from About Us Page?

  • The team running business
  • Your business experience
  • To see are you trustworthy
  • How do you care about them?

Service Page is the important page as here is where to showcase what you offer to your potential client. This does not mean that you should not show your services from homepage…no, remember you build a website because you have something to offer, so every webpage will be presenting your services.

From your homepage… you will show your potential clients what you offer, you will direct them to internal service pages to get more information, more samples, comparison and reviews if you have some.

Make sure if someone has seen some information about your business on homepage or somewhere else, here is a potential place where you should hold them by hand and give them no other option but to believe you have all they need.

You might present offers here so that you can get a sign up, you might ask them to fill the form to tell you what you should add for them…you might tell them to state their specific requirement and you will get back to them within a little time.

You are very lucky if someone clicks on this page, because as statistics shows if someone comes here they are likely to be converted

What people expect from Services Page

  • More information about your services
  • More samples and options
  • Purchase and payment, conditions and options

Blog Section. The blog section of your website is very important for your marketing purposes. Less people will visit this section, but this section is likely the one that will bring visitors to your website.

Whenever you have time invest in understanding content creation for your business. I just noticed that less than a quarter of all business owners/ managers sometimes marketers understand what they should be writing about.

When you are writing content for your blog section, understand that you are writing for search engines and for people who are looking for information about the services you offer.

So you also should write reviews, updates, guidelines and general information about the services and products you offer.

You should be answering questions of your potential clients, as you already know Google and other search engines prefer websites that’s provide answers to people, so that’s where your efforts should be.

Don’t spam the internet by writing about yourself or your business, write about the services everyone is looking for, because if someone knows you will come even if you don’t write, so write for general public, and steadily you will build the authority.

Contact Us Page. This is important page and one of the most visited pages. What you have to do here is put it close to every web visitor to see. Also do not try to be like the businesses of late 80’s who normally wanted to complicate the contact us page, make it simple and easy to contact.

If you ask them loads of information before filling out the contact form they won’t be filling, they just want a simple template.

Do not forget to include your phone numbers, also mobile numbers will be great.

What do people expect from Contact Us Page?

  • Phone numbers
  • Physical business address with map
  • Social media account(s) (Facebook Page, Google+, Twitter etc.)
  • Contact Form and email address

One of the best contact Us page

internet marketing Tips for beginners

Guys we have spoken about five important webpages of your website. Take it as a homework and implement them, you will steadily see the increase of your conversion and of course you will decrease the bounce rate as you are providing value to your visitors.

How social media marketing can boost our business | Internet marketing tips for beginners

We are all hearing about various social media channels and are all joining them and so are our potential clients. As we speak we are on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram to mention a few, do we really use them to generate leads to our businesses?

One of the most important reasons we should use social media platforms is that, our potential and actual clients are there, so it’s really like talking your business in front of the customers, also the social media are created in a better way that you can make number of follower/fans…so it’s really an opportunity that every business should grab.

I will be speaking about few social media channels, Facebook and Google+ page optimization as in next articles I will be writing practical guides about every social media platform for business so bookmark this site as it will take you by hand to the success of your business.

How an Optimized Facebook business page can help your business.

Facebook page optimization is not Search engine optimization, so do not worry that it might be technical that you won’t be able to understand. It’s easily a way to fill our all basic but important information about your business so that the search engines and users can understand what your business is about.

internet marketing Tips for beginners

Having said that it’s clear that having an optimized Facebook page will boost your marketing, but how do we get an optimized Facebook page.

I will go through basic steps of creating a page then I will speak about optimizing it for marketing purpose.

Create a Page from your account

  • Click on the arrow in the top-right corner.
  • Choose Create Page.

The first step is you have to be having your personal Facebook page as it’s only possible to create a business page if you have a personal account.

Choose a business category for your Page

Select the type of Page that you want to create from the following categories:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Company, Organisation or Institution
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

Be more careful here guys, as the category you choose matters. Look this will be shown on the business page, so putting a wrong category can confuse your potential clients, but also it can affect the possibility of having a relevant fan base, as you can understand people are likely to like it if it fits their interest, so marking your business page as a band while its is not it can affect your fan base in later stages when they understand that it is not the reason they liked it at a first place.

Choose an industry-specific category

internet marketing Tips for beginners facebook

  • Choose a category that matches your business. Then enter some basic info about your business.
  • Agree to the Facebook Pages Terms.
  • Click Get Started.

Be sure to choose an industry specific category guys, as this is a business page you won’t be changing in future, you need to provide what really is.

Optimize and start connecting

  • Add a description and your website address, if you have one.
  • Add a profile picture from your computer or device.
  • You can also add your Page to your Favorites on your Facebook account, so you’ll have easy access to it when you log in.
  • With Reach More People, you can start reaching new audiences immediately.

This is really where we should be focusing our Facebook basic marketing strategies. Guys people on Facebook don’t search for products, hope you know that, all you have to do with your Facebook page is to optimize it so that it provides a meaningful engagement to your leaders and followers.

Here below are tips for optimizing your Facebook page for internet marketing

Facebook Business name

This is the first things you should do guys, choosing a perfect name for your business page will give you great dividends, as you should know; the First word of your Facebook page title is great in the eyes of search engine.

You need a brandable name, a name that will draw attention to users but also attract the eyes of the search engines. One secret about this is that If someone is searching for something online in relation to Facebook, your page will appear in the search results if the item is relevant to the title of your Facebook page.

So there are other searches your Facebook page can appear higher in results page than your own business website.

Customize your Facebook business page URL

There is always an automatic generated URL for any Facebook account, do not rely on It, go and customize yours.

You can easily personalize your Url to match your brand name, also make it easy to remember for all your fans and attractive name as a brand.

Most businesses think that it’s necessary to have the same business name from your website to Facebook business page, you can customize the best one there and make a brand on Facebook and in return draw much traffic and engagement to your website in later stages.

Just understand that personalization will improve the findability of your business page both in Facebook search and search engines.

Complete your Profile

Make sure you have filled correctly your profile to present your business. From the photo you put, to the description, all will show the professional attitude by you and you also should be consistent through all channels.

The reason for consistency is to show your clients and fans a consistent understanding of who you are, and wherever they see a similar post or image for example they know it’s you. For cover photo, please Utilize a Facebook cover photo that is 851 x 315 px.

“About us” section

This is where you need to tell all your potential fans about yourself, I mean your business. You might think that people don’t read this section, but it’s the second most visited after your timeline, and you can understand people will only go through your timeline after they start building relationship about you, but if they are considering to become your fans or not, this is the section that’s most visited.

internet marketing Tips for beginners

The important information to fill here is the services you offer, the physical location of your business, working hours, your philosophy.

Also you can show if there is contests, or your involvement to community or fans’ activities.

Remember this place is special for showing them why they should press a “Like” button and follow your brand, so try to show them how the services you offer is of interest to them.

Also there is a meta description part, remember the meta description is very important as if its correctly placed, when people are searching, it become a search engine snippet both on desktop and mobile as other searches appear. So keep it smart and informative, remember you have 155 characters, and make the best use of it.

When filling a short description, remember to include your website URL and your target keyword.

A perfect mix of business page with keywords

Remember in the organic results for any website to be there, you will always hear people speaking about seo and keyword usages.

It doesn’t end there, but also on social media, to stand out you need a perfect mix of keywords within your business page name, URL, and short description.

Remember the name of your page, the title tag and short description altogether will act like a Meta description tag, so make a clever use of the opportunity, of course mention them naturally as you may be seen as spamming and hence punished.

Consider phone number and address in your Facebook page

The Facebook features will allow your business to state the business category, address, numbers, working hours etc. What’s needed for you for clear optimization is you need to fill out all contact information like street address, city, and state also phone numbers.

The reason we do this is that the search engines crawl all pages on internet, so your Facebook business page will also be crawled and indexed. The phone numbers helps you in the local searches, as yours will stand out and of course you will increase the brand following.

Facebook and Google all pay attention to webpages that have correct address and contact details, so you can start dominating the searches.

Pay attention to your Facebook updates

Simply this is what you post, so pay attention to them as do act like a Meta title. The fact is 18 first characters you put on your update will be considered Meta description in the search engine results page.

Anytime you are posting an image or uploading a video on your business page, exploit this opportunity by including a best update in correlation with keyword or what people might be searching in relation to your post.

If you are posting twice a week, you see how within three months you can improve your possibility of getting found in the upper pages.

Optimize your Call to Action feature of Facebook

Since December 2014, Facebook introduced a call to action feature. Use it as you may want as it gives you chance to start interacting with your clients. As it stands now, Facebook gives your different seven calls to action to choose from, just choose the one that’s suitable to you.

internet marketing Tips for beginners

The list includes:

  • Sign Up … that can be used for creating a mailing list, or event or webinar
  • Book Now …For example hotel rooms or restaurants
  • Contact Us …Can be used for contact form
  • Shop Now …If you are in e-commerce business
  • Watch Video…If you want them to watch videos

Optimize your Facebook business page and you will see how important Facebook is to your business. Not all businesses that have Facebook pages have optimized them that are why they are wondering whether Facebook can bring you business.

My answer is Yes, Optimize it today and make a great plan of using Facebook in your daily marketing.

How an Optimized Google+ Business page can boost your business

I have used the word optimization since the beginning as I know people and businesses out there are using these social media platforms differently, they know it’s a marketing resource but it’s likely not easy to get great help on how you can optimize and get value off a platform

Optimize your business Google+ page for Search

Did you know that Google+ is a center for all Google products? This is why the business that play their cards right here they will get a high boost in business in all areas; the traffic, ranking and conversions.

Simple Steps

Complete your Google+ business page for your Internet marketing success

It’s all seems a big task when someone filling information in any platform that gives them option to skip, or fill out what they think is more important.

This is where most business make a mistake, since they know roughly filling out the name, linking to your website and writing contacts and a few lines description of your business will make your account live, they ignore the fact that Google introduced this platform for business, and considering who should rank for particular searches, Google+ is one of the ranking factors.

If you are lazy to fill out all information or think that Google + can’t drive loads of traffic to your business, then do it for Search Engine crawlers. Fill out all important information for search engines to know what you offer, use correct and great title tags that are your target keywords and use a catch headlines whenever you have any update.

Use a catchy tagline is very important for both search engines and people. Just make a great use of keywords in a natural way, to learn how keywords should appear naturally just email us we will let you go step by step training and you can master your social media and blogs when updating the content.

Don’t ignore the contact section. If you are a serious business you will like everyone to know your presence, of course to know your physical address, why hide it when you go online?

Include all important contact details, especially phone numbers, state, street and business hours.

Sign Up for Google Local

Guys hope you have all seen that when you go in local searches and type something that has a physical address + a place you will see your result page filled with results from Google local

I am here in Arusha Tanzania, I have done a search for Restaurants in Dar es Salaam, the results are phenomenal especially when I click on see more, not only businesses can start showing up in search engine as fast as possible, you will show up in a relevant place where you are based, and your clients are searching from

internet marketing Tips for beginners facebook

Here I know what to choose, but also as a business owner, this is a greatest way to feature in upper searches with fewer efforts.

Step 2: Integrate Your Web Presence

Remember to integrate your web presence as you are not competing with your website, rather you are sending visitors to your website and to your physical business.

The reason for integrating is to give a boost to the ranking of your website which is normally your center for all your internet marketing strategy.

Use a G+ button to your website.

Remember the correct usage of this button will help your business grow the exposure and increase the following, as you can understand if the button is placed to any post you upload on your website you will be getting loads of Google + page exposure when they follow you, hence developing your brand.

Your YouTube account should not be forgotten

Connect your YouTube account please, you must know YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google hence having such great number of traffic; you can send them to all your channels. Remember number one reason for taking your business in social media is to increase exposure and develop your brand following.

Connect your YouTube channel to you Google+ page.

Step three: Engage Your Audience

You know that after setting a complete profile about your business and linking to all your business marketing channels including your website url, YouTube channel and a great Google local, you will start engaging your audience through updates which might be in form of content, photos, videos or both.

Google + have a few unique tools that will help you engage with your audience.


Google + allows you to customize it as you are able to separate and arrange your audience in different circles depending on what content you want to be sharing with them.

If you are sending different packages and services you can have different circles as many as you want.


Communities of Google+ are important for Google+ users to gather and discuss topics of mutual interest.

Joining a community or creating some can be a great relationship building strategy and a fantastic way to meet key influencers in your industry.


Including keyword Hashtags in your posts is a great way to make sure your content is found. Search for trending Hashtags in your industry and include them, you will see great results, as your main goal here is your post to get found.

Two of great eye catching Google+ updates from Hugo Boss

internet marketing Tips for beginners

At this moment I recall that I promised to write a guide to Email and Online reviews, I do promise to write it in a next article as it’s really a long article.

Please share this to friends and people you would like to get this guide also make sure you like, share, comment or just write to us to get all future posts delivered in your box.

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