Increase online presence through content marketing |An online presence | Colm McGill

Increase online presence through content marketing |An online presence

Increase online presence through content marketing | An online presence

Increase online presence through content marketing |An online presence

Produce quality content to increase your online presence for you and your business is a must. Content marketing is the best way to create an online presence; at the end of the day search engines are now looking for quality content like never before. Therefore one has to be producing quality content which adds value to the searcher and potential customer.

What is Content Marketing?

Basically Content marketing is the term used to define all marketing strategies that involve content creation and content sharing. The term goes further in that it indicates this content is either shared or created to attract and engage potential customers.

The main objective of Content Marketing is to provide value and information to the end user. So I suppose we have to get into the mindset from the get go of producing quality content.

Especially from now on content will be king. Due to the fact we live in the information age and therefore we have to be in the business of producing quality content to add value to the end user.

Content Marketing Strategy:

To ensure that you have a strong content marketing strategy; you have to position you and your business correctly.

What I mean by position is that you have to highlight through your content that your product or service provides the best value to your potential customers what sets you apart. Also ensure you are sending out a uniformed message.
Therefore you will develop a segment of the market through your content marketing and gaining that online presence.

Content Marketing Mediums:

Writing good material for your posts on your business or niche is not enough, on its own. You have to ensure, with every post you produce that you have attached an image and a video.

This is paramount, an image can speak a thousand words and can be a good call to action; not only that but it captures the imagination and causes engagement. Video, every post needs video it is the ultimate medium to show your personality your passion for your business.

This is the medium where people get to know you; this is where you can build trust and credibility. This is the very medium that can set you apart.

Also we know that most people only scan articles and are much more likely to click on a video than read. This also increases the time on your site which helps hugely with SEO as it is an indicator of relevance

Content Sharing and engagement:

Once you have produced you content now you upload to your business blog. But it doesn’t stop there; you have to share it on other platforms

• Twitter

• Google+

• Face book

• Pinterest

• YouTube

• Daily motion

These are just a few there are many more. But now you see by sharing your content you are broadening your marketing net through your content creation.

This of course obviously increases your online presence. Now it is not enough to just share you have to engage in your content by adding comments and distributing it across different platforms. Also you have to engage with other people’s material by adding a comments or liking.

Content marketing is King:

There is a general consensus in the marketing world that content marketing is king. Therefore guys start producing quality content on a regular basis promoting and highlighting your business and yourself. There is no denying that you Increase online presence through content marketing.

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