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How to write blogs | Small Business Marketing

how to write blogs | small business marketing

How to write blogs.


How to write blogs is a question I get asked often by small business owners. Therefore I am going to outline a few simple tips that you should follow when you are wondering “How to write blogs”


Tip 1: Do a keyword search

Do a keyword search on Google keyword planner, to get an idea of what keywords and keyword phrases are being searched within your topic of industry. Here in the keyword planner you will see which keywords you should target.

Tip 2: Research your chosen topic

Research your chosen topic keeping your chosen keywords in mind the whole time. You have to be able to give the correct information around this search term. Now that you have researched and gathered enough information on the topic you have to start producing content.

Tip 3: Find an image

Find an image that captures the imagination and creates curiosity and hence motivates the searcher to read your blog. Always keep in mind that a picture speaks a thousand words. Also here is a perfect opportunity to optimize the image for your keyword. You should put your keyword here in the alt tag. Keep in mind the search engines do not see images, however they read alt tags.

Tip 4: Shoot a video

Shoot a video; I find it useful,once I have my research done I write down a few bullet point and speak around these during the video. I find this approach makes me look much more natural than if I was reading a script. Just look straight down the camera and speak. Video as I have said many times before helps with building brand trust and credibility, not to mention to time on site which really helps with your SEO effort.

Tip5:  Write your Blog

Then write your Blog post no more than 600 wrds and no less than 400 words. When you are writing ensure you use h1 h2 h3 etc as your writing your post. Also keep your paragraphs short, use bullet point and bold things where you can. You have to keep in mind people only scan they do not read. Therefore if you structure your content correctly, they are much more likely to engage with yours.

Tip6: Link topics

When you are writing blogs link topics or subjects that are related to the topic you read today. We call this contextual navigation. This is an opportunity to take your reader by the hand through your blog or website. This strategy adds to the readers experience on your site and also help with time on site a big indicator to the search engines of your relevance and credibility.

Tip 7:  Blog regularly

Blog regularly, now that you have the above tips you have no excuses guys. To get better at anything you have to practice. Allied with this fact the search engines love fresh original content. So start blogging on a regular basis.


That is it from me today guys, I outlined tips on HOW TO WRITE BLOGS

If you need help do not hesitate to contact me.

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