How to start an online Business? | An online Presence | Colm McGill

How to start an online Business? | An online Presence

How to start an online Business? | An online Presence

They is no denying many people are to turning to the internet to create a living.  There are many reasons for us here to turn to the internet which I am not going to discuss today. So here we are starting an online business.

I am going to discuss what you have to do when you come online irrespective of which area or industry you decide to go into. You may want to become an affiliate marketer, network marketer, consultant or you may have your own products or services etc.

I am going to outline what you have to do:

First and foremost we have to create a web presence we need a home online and this is our website. So before we develop our site we have to get a domain name which is our address online. The place I go to start with is for my domains guys.

Now that we have our domain we need a host  I use is hostgator and from here I start to develop my site through wordpress. So now guys our home online is created now we start developing our online Business.

As I have said our website is the center to everything we do online for a more in-depth discussion on this topic click here.

Now guys we need to set up opt in forms and capture forms to capture customers and potential customers details, remember that the money is in the list. We need an auto responder here to handle our list and to set up our email marketing campaigns. The auto res-ponder I use is AWEBER.

Now guys we  need to set up at least five social media accounts to broaden our online presence go with the main ones to start with.

  • Google+
  • Facebook
  • You Tube
  • Twitter
  • LindedIn
  • Pinterest

Now guys what I have outlined above is absolutely pointless unless you are not going to produce content. It is the through the production of quality content that we start creating an online presence for our business.

Another thing to keep in mind guys we have to start optimising our websites our social media platforms and our content for the search engines.


The biggest mistake starting Online.

The biggest mistake we make when starting a business online is we do not understand how the search engines and once we create a website and integrated a few social platforms we are done.

No No  we are just starting guys I speak to many individuals and business on a regular basis and they all say the same thing my business is not being found online.

The reason being irrespective what industry, what business, what service or products you offer it makes no difference. When starting an online business it is time well spent to learn the basics of online marketing guys.

The reason I say this  it will get you developing an online presence the correct way the first time. Another  place to go when starting a business online is to get a mentor/coach or consultant to help guide you the correct way.

Too many businesses online are drifting in an online wilderness. Due to the simple fact they just do not know how to create an online presence.


My resource page

I will put a link here guys to my resource page where you can find all the different resources you need to start an online business.

Also if you need help on any of the issues discussed above, contact me today.

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