How to set out an action plan | Small business marketing | Colm McGill

How to set up an action plan | Small business marketing

How to set up an action plan | Small business marketing

How to set up an action plan

Is the the topic this week. Last week I spoke about Goal Setting which is imperative for you success. One has to keep in mind that without goals you have problems so I would encourage you to set big goals.

Now getting back to this week’s topic “How to set out an action plan”. Well guys I am going to set down the main points I follow when I create an action plan for myself.

  1. Start with the end in mind. This gives you direction, a target to aim for; once this is done you work backwards from that point asking yourself what I will have to do to achieve this.
  2. Break everything down. To achieve your end goal you must divide all tasks down into more manageable jobs.
  3. Make a plan. You have to plan each task and write everything down
  4. Create a mind map and it makes things easier as you can actually see where you are meant to go.
  5. Set dates, you have to work towards a schedule it keeps you productive focused and motivated.
  6. Evaluate all tasks completed and write down your thoughts
  7. Feedback keep in mind you can be a great coach so once you have evaluated now its time for feedback to improve your approach
  8. Keep reading and visualising your goals it keeps your mind clear and your focus on what you want.
  9. Highlight mini goals achieved it gets you gaining momentum.
  10. Change your approach if you must but keep the goals the same. Never move the goal posts.


So here you see I have laid out 10 effective tips for you to create a very strong action plan. So if you are wondering how to set up an action plan, follow this one.

Many small business owners ponder around feeling in the dark, this approach will not work online guys. You have to be willing to work and engage and personalize your brand online.

But the biggest  help for you online or offline is to create an action plan. It sets down clear simple rules that you have to apply. This keeps you focused and motivated. One of the biggest problems people face in any aspect of their lives is when they feel they are not progressing.

It is the very same with business. This is why it is very important to set down your goals and create the action so that you can achieve your desired outcomes.

So that’s it from me today guys I hope you enjoyed this post on How to set up an action plan. Feel free to add your comments; also if you need any help do not hesitate to contact me.

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