How to optimize my posts for the search engines| seo |An online presence. | Colm McGill

How to optimize your posts for the search engines| SEO |An online presence.

How to optimize your posts for the search engines| SEO |An online presence.

How to optimize your posts for the search engines| SEO |An online presence.

Whether you are a blogger, local business, affiliate or network marketer it makes no difference you need to know how to SEO your posts to drive traffic to your product services or opportunities.

So here I will outline some simple tips to optimize you’re your posts, I will speak about keywords,titles,content  and sharing.

Keywords for SEO

At the end of the day everything we do online is surrounded by Keywords therefore we have to take the time to research the keywords within our industry to target when we are creating content. Keep in mind here that it just not enough to get a keyword it is a much more lucrative and successful strategy to target keyword phrases.

Just look at our own behavior we use use phrases to get answers for our queries as we want to be specific and to the point. Therefore you see on the other side of the coin when it comes to getting found online we should  target  keyword phrases also. Another strategy is to ensure you use LSI (latent semantic indexing) which is the use of words relevant to your keyword phrase.

Titles: be catchy and relevant:

There is no doubt here that title are very important to your posts. You have to use phrases and and LSI as explained above.  Let’s look at my title today first of all  when you see it ;you see  that it is about creating posts correctly  for the search engines; also you see the post is going to explore different aspects of online marketing so it  peaks your interest. Therefore you will be motivated to investigate it. Equally you know what to expect

Now let us look at it from the search engines point of view straight away at the start of the phrase it says “ how to” the search engine immediately register this as an information sharing also. Allied with this it also makes reference to SEO which is relevant to the search engines obviously.


Content and content creation is the fuel to your online presence it is here that you create your  online presence. It is from here you become an authority. You have to produce quality content on a regular basis and ensure that you have your targeted keywords distributed correctly through out  your posts and make sure that you are not just stuffing your posts  with keywords. This is called spamming guys and will be penalisied.

Also make sure that when you are creating content that it is between 400- 600 words in length  also always ensure your keyword phrases are in the first and last paragraphs.

When creating any content ensure that your are incorporating images and video in all of your posts they capture the imagination like no other and also ensure that people stay on your site much longer which is a big indicator to the search engines that you are relevant.

Sharing your post helps SEO:

This is where you distribute your content across your social media platforms and this allows other people to engage and interact with your content this also allows people to like plus or retweet your material. It is here that the search engines see that your material is gaining strong positive social signals from people. These social signals are becoming more important with every passing day when it comes to SEO.

When sharing your material just add a link and a comment ant that is it;  just create 5 or 6 accounts with these platforms and share.


So there you have it guys some simple tips on How to optimize my posts for the search engines| seo |An online presence.

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