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How to market my business

How to market my business

How to market my business

Hello guys, I shall answer this question today for you “How to market my business”. I get asked this all the time and many of you who asked it, are starting to realize that what once worked is no longer working or has just gone too expensive, therefore diminishing significantly its rate of return.

As you may know or may not my name is Colm McGill and I have been working with companies and small business owners with over 3 years and as a result I have built a lot of experience and understandings over this period.

Obviously I am a Digital Marketing Consultant and what I will outline for you today is how to Market your business in today’s environment. You know the sands have shifted and traditional ways are dying as now we and our potential customers are now online and it is here online that we socialize and do business.

If you are a business owner

So if you are a business owner and have not taken your business online you are behind and you need to address this ASAP. You see guys we trust the internet now, we trust it so much that we now bank online. We now buy most of our products online from cloths to food and our usage online is only set to increase.

With this in mind if you are a business owner wondering “How to Market my business” the short answer is online guys. Do not worry I won’t stop here. Let me continue, yes online is the future and you the business owner needs to cultivate your online presence and gain that exposure online. This exposure is what will get you potential customers, looking investigating and inquiring about your products and services.

So how do I get online Colm? well first you need a website. There is a misconception here, many people believe once I have a website, that’s all I need. This is not true guys. There is no doubt a website is your home online and the center to all you do online. However its not all you need.

You need traffic guys, traffic is potential customers looking at your site and you get traffic by optimizing for the search engines and people. I shall speak of this later. So lets get back to the website. As I have said you need a website but traffic is essential to your success. If you do not have a traffic going to your website, you will not succeed. A website may have all the great products but with out potential customers it wont help your business. It the same thing as building a hotel with all the luxuries one could imagine but if it receives no guests it will die. I shall speak of how to get traffic later.

So what does your website need to have:

  • Search engine friendly
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Well planned information architecture
  • Well formatted contents that are easy to scan
  • Fast load times
  • Effective navigation
  • Usable forms
  • Social integration
  • Fresh/regular content production

So above you see what your website needs guys. Let us discuss some of the above points. So you can see now things are becoming a little clearer on “how to market your business”.

Search Engine Friendly

At the end of the day guys, its essential that our website is search engine friendly. Why you say ? well let us look at our own behavior, if we want something now days what do we do? we Google it guys. Yes we go to the search engines and the results we back answer our questions.

Let me ask you this, do you find the answer on the first page? of course you do. Why? because the search engines have algorithms in place, to find the best sites, with the best answers for your search. Google for example creates over 500 algorithms a year, this is how serious they are about delivering the best results.

As a result our websites must therefore be search engine friendly to get ranked and get towards the first pages. If we achieve this you can appreciate, your business will have more potential customers exposed to your business.

Mobile compatibility

This is of the utmost importance the reason, just look around guys everybody is using their mobiles to search. As a result your site needs to be mobile responsive. Google has identified this at the start of 2015 actually in April they introduced an algorithm that any site that is not mobile responsive will slip down the rankings.

Please watch the video under this paragraph so you can check is your site responsive or not. Also guys even if people come to your website, let us say through a referral and they are using a mobile devices and the site is not configuring correctly; do think they will stay long? My guess is no and you ave just lost a potential customer. So let’s get your site responsive.

Social media integration

This  essential guys, to have your social media platforms on your site . Why you say? it gives you credibility and it builds trust as potential clients or customers can see that other people endorse your business. They endorse your business by liking your Facebook business page, They can endorse your business on review sites like “Tripadvisor” . There are numerous social media platforms out there guys but my favorites, are Facebook, twitter, YouTube and Google plus.

Content creation

You need to produce content on a regular basis guys and again I here you say why Colm?, Well first of all the search engines love content as if written strategically and correctly, it will pay you well. What I mean here if you write content that is educational and informative and is written in the correct way on a regular basis the search engines will favor your site over time and you will climb to the top of the search engines.This of course will help your business grow.

So you see know that its not enough to have a generic website, Your website is a living breathing organ of your business, It is undoubtedly the most powerful marketing tool you have, but you need to understand how it works, You need to work on it or get someone to do it for you.

What else do I need to do to market my business

OK so we have spoke about your website a little, as you can appreciate they is much more to know,but for now, I’m only touching on the basics. So let me continue, once you have your content created you should share across different social media platforms. The reason for this is you want to spread your marketing net across these relevant platforms where your fans, past customers and potential clients hangout. You need your content to be useful to them, too many just use these platforms to say “hey look at me look what I do and sell” This is a mistake guys you have to add value to these people and build trust, this is essential to your success.

Online advertising a great way to market your business

Yes guys the two platforms, I will speak of here are Facebook advertising and Google ad-words.

Facebook Advertising

Let me speak of Facebook first guys, here is a platform with huge potential for you to target your target market. At the end of the day you can really drill down and find your ideal target market, as Facebook has all the important information gathered on potential customers.

When creating your ads you can use a wide variety of demographic which allow you to be very very strategic and powerful. Also this makes it a very cost effective way of advertising as it really allows you to hit your target market therefore you can get a high ROI.

Google adwords

Next let me speak of Google adwords, here is a platform that allows you to get on the top of google very quickly. Here you create ads around particular keywords your potential clients are searching. Google adwords is a powerful beast but be warned, get someone that knows what they are doing, to manage your campaign or you could waste your budget. However if the person managing your campaign knows what they are doing, you could really boost sales. So now I hope I am answering your original question.

Original Question “How to market my business”

So let me come back to your original question. There is no doubt guys that marketing your business today guys is online and if not now it will in the year to two. The reason is convenience,we can have meetings online with people allover the world at one time through platforms like Google hangouts,skype etc.

This cuts out all the expense, cuts out all the time spent travelling for example. We can do it all from our homes or offices guys. As I write this, I am writing from my bedroom as I said I would write it this morning and it is dark and a storm outside. Once I’m finished I will publish this article and no matter where in the world you are you can read it.

This is building my credibility and creating exposure for me. But I literally did it from the comfort of my own bedroom I did not even have to go to my office, no no I just turned on my laptop and started writing and this will reach many of you out there. It is the same for all of you, you can write from anywhere. Create that content and gain the exposure for you business from anywhere at any time.

My advice to you on how to start marketing your business

So guys, I have spoke a lot today, but before I go let me give you some final advice. You have two options; number one, if you have a budget hire a Digital Marketing Consultant to start marketing your business online and do this today.

If you can not afford this option you need to take the time to educate yourself on Digital Marketing. The good news it is not difficult but you need to create the time to start learning. You can start by clicking on my Digital Marketing foundation course

Make no mistake guys, everything is going online and we need to be there. If you have any questions guys please contact me on or add me on facebook @ Colm McGill or join my Facebook group here  online marketing help.

Also guys I have put a video here for you to gain more understanding of the net for your business. The title of this video is The Circle of influence, I hope you enjoy it and gain value.

So that is it from me today guys I hope you enjoyed this article and the videos again please contact me if you need help or advice. So I hop I have opened your eyes on whats possible and I hope I have answered your question

“How to market my business”

Speak soon


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