How to make money from home? | Colm McGill

How to make money from home? | An online presence

How to make money from home? | An online presence

How to make money from home?

This the question that a lot of people want answered. First: the truth it takes work commitment and motivation and the drive to self educate yourself.

There are several ways to make money online. Many great opportunities out there and many dodgy ones; I know it can be very hard to chose the right ones especially when you come online first.

Some people come online with a product they have: for example such as jewelry pottery. Others come online without a product or service, they come looking for an opportunity  that they can promote or be a part of.

It really doesn’t matter which category you fall under you both have to learn the basics of online marketing,


  • Setting up a blog/website

  • Content creation

  • Keyword search

  • Keyword density

  • Engagement

  • Email marketing.

These are essential for anyone to succeed online and create an online presence and generate traffic back to their opportunities and products and services.

It is not that hard to learn however it takes time and effort on your part but its not digging.

Much of the education you need to get started is for free online you just have to find it. I have a 25 video tutorial series on my website. These videos are designed to take you by the hand to help you understand the basic of online marketing and its free guys.

Now what about the guys that come online to make money online; working from home with no product or services.  The good news there are several option open to you through:

  • Affiliate marketing

  • Niche marketing

  • Networking marketing

These different mediums have ample opportunity for you to make a living from home but first I would say take a little time to learn the basics first. Then start investigating which route you want to take.

The option I would investigate first is niche marketing and build my presence online speaking about something I have a passion an interest in. For example triathlon, fishing, pottery etc. You can combine this with learning the basics of online marketing. Your interest gives you a topic to discuss and share your experience with others. This is where you produce the content from giving advice of sharing information on your particular subject.

Then you can start promoting products related towards your interest of hobby. Let’s take fishing for example you can speak about fishing and then start promoting rods. SO with this example we see where someone had no opportunity or thought they didn’t.

Now you are creating a presence online through learning the basics of online marketing. Through their passion and are promoting products associated with their passion. This is where you can start generating an income from the comfort of your own home.

Opportunity to make money online:

Therefore to make money working from home can be done but you have to be willing to put in the work especially at the start. It is a steep learning curve when it comes to learning the basics. However the good news is once you take your time and understand the basic principles you will get there for sure.

I am involved in different opportunities myself online. I offer free training through my website to help you get an online presence also I have a paid program.

But I’m currently offering you the opportunity to get involved in a work from home opportunity, where you can start generating an online income from home for FREE TODAY. This is my advice on:

How to make money from home?












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