How to Increase traffic to your website | part one | Colm McGill

How to Increase traffic to your website | part one

How to Increase traffic to your website | part one

How to Increase traffic to your website

There is no doubt, that there are countless different approaches and Strategies to increase traffic to your website both paid and unpaid. However today I am going to concentrate on the unpaid. This post will be in two parts.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

This in my opinion is the most important factor we have to understand if we want to increase traffic to our websites. We have to optimize our websites for the search engines in order to become relevant and climb to the summit. This is where the traffic is at on the first page guys.

This can be achieved by working hard guys yes I’m sorry I did say working hard. We have to get out there and start creating quality content on a regular basis in the form of articles, blogs, video, images and social networking.

There is no denying if we understand how to optimize our material and utilize it for the search engines we will reach the summit over time.  This is not easy however we have to have the correct strategies in place and research the correct Keywords to build our content around.

Keyword related to our Topics

This is our starting point to driving traffic to our website and it is fundamental in growing our online presence. We have to take the time to research the correct keywords related to our industries topics services or products. Once we have decided on which keywords we shall target; we then proceed to producing content.

Now here is where we have to be careful when we are writing articles around our keywords we have to keep it natural and have a natural flow to our content we also have to use LSI which is Latent semantic indexing.

This basically is related words to the main topic. Here is example dog= canine, puppy, dog house, German Shepard etc. I guess you get the picture.

As I said be careful here  too many people just stuff the content here with Keywords and you will be penalized and your content will not be found online. This of course is the opposite result to our objective.

Social media share share share

Yes  guys share share share your material across the social media platforms. The power of social media signals are growing with every passing day. Therefore these platforms are key to driving traffic to your website.

This may be directly from the social media platforms or indirectly as the search engines raise you up their pages due to the strong social signals your material is receiving. These signals come in the form of likes, shares,re-tweets ,Google pluses etc.

Therefore once you created your content and have developed it around your Keywords. Your next step is to share it with your social media platforms. This broadens your online marketing net and gives you the opportunity to drive traffic to your website. Also you have to engage and interact with people on these platforms.

This allows you the opportunity to build relationships and build trust. It is from here that you become an authority and build your reputation and credibility. Also from here people will start recommending you and promoting you a very powerful  way of driving traffic to your website.

So that’s it from me today guys on part one on How to Increase traffic to your website

Hope to see you in part two.

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